The Best Waste Management Job I Ever Had

waste management job

Over the years now, I have found my estate management job somewhat overwhelmingly desirable. But that never happened overnight. If you are considering a job in the estate management industry, I would encourage you to find out more from my personal experience.

Perhaps this may sound a bit old fashioned but my previous job entirely revolved around working as a dustman for waste management companies. Oftentimes, people will gather their trash up and put it out for the trash collection service to take care of whatever else remains to be done. Now, that’s where I thrived.

Remember, dealing with such waste is not much of a clean job. Let’s just say it’s a shitty task. There’ll be offensive, pungent, choking smells and dirty items you’ll have to take absolute care of. Such, and even worse than that, will actually be inherent in this type of jobs. However, I got used to this. Sooner than I thought, I was doing even better than I thought.

But here’s the other side of the coin. It may be a dirty a job, a headache for not only your family, but you as well. However, at the end of the day you tend to be a savior. Here’s how: You pick up the waste, dispose it off, and eventually save these homeowners and commercial individuals from a host of healthy hazards. Personally, that made me a little more proud as I continued to work with waste management companies.

Life is fair. It will always find a way to reward you. On one particular morning, everything turned around. It was a twilight moment. Fresh from a being a mere dustman, another greater opportunity awaited for me. It was an estate management job. I was destined for a wealthy British Mansion. Honestly, that in itself reeked of nothing but decency and absolute comfort.

Well, let’s forget about rent and whatnots. Here, I would live on the property. Quite frankly, that’s a well sought after package many workers of my caliber wouldn’t give second thought about.

The lingering effects I experienced in my former job were no more. Okay, let’s face it. The nature of some of the waste management jobs makes them quite less attractive, at least to many people. Now, unlike before, my new job was less hazardous to health. It was something more satisfying and decent. An estate management job.

Back to the wealthy British mansion. Besides it, there existed a forest. To be precise. let’s call it a local private forest. It was picturesque, one that triggers your emotions and before you realize, you’ll be romanticizing about it.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, well, that was my new workplace. I would entirely be dealing with woodland wastes from the forest. I can say I had just bid farewell to horrible smells and Items.

I have now worked here for a while. Each day, there’s just a lot more good to expect. The environment, job conditions and consideration for the job are all remarkably great. Apparently, I find it as the most interesting waste management job I have ever had to do in my life.