Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

The live-in job makes a great deal of economic sense. You do not have to travel to work, which means that you are not paying fares or fuel money. In many cases meals are also provided on-the-job, which is another valuable saving. Live-in jobs are also, generally, more intense, quite simply, because you never get away from the job. As long as you love it, it can be a match made in heaven. The repetitive motion live-in job can be a pain, not in the arse usually, it is far more common in the back.

Bending over for prolonged periods of time, as in the case of non-mechanical grape pickers, can result in severe back pain. Live-in jobs are quite often repetitive tasks, because they need to offer the value added extras to make this attractive to prospective employees. The live-in handyman or handywoman can also suffer from repetitive motion back pain, especially when they are sanding floors, polishing or fixing things down low. Plumbers, also quite commonly experience back pain from repetitive motion tasks like digging, wrenching and affixing pipes. Carpenters, are another trade, which can suffer from back pain through intense repetitive tasks.

Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

What can one do to avoid or lessen the suffering caused by these repetitive motion jobs? Generally, getting up and moving about regularly can make a big difference; getting the blood to flow around the body. It is your circulation that usually becomes restricted through these repetitive tasks. Taking regular breaks, and doing a bit of stretching, can make the world of difference. Sometimes, especially when new at a job, we tend to overcompensate and perform beyond our normal levels of output to impress our new employers. When in fact, they would prefer your longevity in the role, than someone who burns out too quickly.

You can also get treatment for your repetitive motion injury. Back pain relief is available from health care professionals like osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. These trained professionals will provide you with the best solution and advice to avoid further injury from the kind of work you are doing. This in itself is as valuable as the cure. We must train ourselves to work in a new way, employing methods and techniques that will not cause injury to ourselves. Working in harmony with our physical bodies is as important as getting the job done.