Bringing a musical instrument with you while working in a live in job

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Planning a year abroad working in the UK… Bring your guitar 🙂

One of the painful facts that becomes apparent when traveling abroad is that you have to decide carefully what to bring with you on your extended holiday. Unfortunately rationalising what you bring can come down to how much luggage you are able to take with you.

Depending on which country your originally from the luggage criteria can vary greatly. In Australia individuals tend to only be able to bring along 20KG suite case plus 7KG carry on luggage, where else if your coming to the UK via an American airline the luggage allowance can be between 50KG – 70KG of luggage.

As you can imagine both of these options really do not leave much scope for bringing along all the comforts and familiar items that you use on a daily basis back home. Because of this burdening fact of life, what you bring with you to the UK really needs to work for you, and add the most value to your stay.

Things we cannot live without such as clothing, vanity items and a laptop computer tend to be the absolute essential items that all individuals tend to need above all else when going on their travels.

However have you ever considered other options carefully, such as bringing along a musical instrument? Although it may seem a discretionary item to bring along on your holiday, bringing a musical instrument with you is a great way of making new friends when your on the road. Its a well know fact that if your a great musician, people will be drawn to you playing and out of now where friends can be made anywhere regardless of what new city or destination you visit.

Along with the social benefits taking a musical instrument brings, it can also help subsidise your income in a live in job. A great example of this is through offering guitar lessons to individuals, lots of people are eager to learn how to play guitar. Because it is in so much demand it is easy to get students.

Although their is only a very limited amount of things you can take with you on your trip, taking along a guitar or other musical instrument may be a great option and can great enrich your experience of being in a vibrant country such as the UK.

Do my Australian Qualifications as a Personal Trainer count in the U.K.?


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Once you have a Live-In job in the UK it is quite possible you may want to look to for work as a Personal Trainer on the side. Several of my friends were able to get Live-In jobs in small villages pubs from where they were able to start little P.T. businesses. Every small village has a ruby or soccer team and they are all based out of the local pub, in fact everything in small villages is based out of the local pub. Often these local teams lack for coaching, especially in areas like sprint training, and so there are opportunities for P.T.s also it is a great way to meet people and get involved in village life.

I do know one or two people who got work in upmarket Hotels on the Channel Coast as Personal Trainers and Pool Attendants. Believe it or not being Australian is a real advantage in the U.K. Hotel market, people see Australian P.T.s as offering something different from local trainers. Although working for a Resort Hotel on the Channel Coast must be regarded as a top gig, I think the reality is that they are a little difficult to come by.

There are several web-sites and companies that help people get Live-In jobs, a few of the better known ones are Workabout, or Global Work and Travel. Please do see this as a recommendation I am merely saying it is quite possible to find work on the Web before you leave for your holiday. Now it might cost a small amount of money to register on a couple of these websites, but the word is small, and you should always be paid directly not through the travel company. Even though you might be considered a back packer you can still use the Department of Work and Pensions to you feel you are being underpaid or are somehow being taken advantage of.

As for working in the larger cities like London I cannot be of much help. Finally you will need a working visa which you must apply for before you leave.

Legal Help for Live In Workers

In nearly every part of the world, domestic workers, caregivers, cafe/restaurant/bar workers, and many others who work as live in workers tend to be vulnerable to abuse. Due to the nature of their work, which is sort of isolated and dependent upon employers and may be partners for immigration status, financial support, employment support, to name just a few; abuse, mistreatments, and negligence become somewhat inevitable.

If you are a live-in worker, not knowing your rights and protection will sometimes make you feel disempowered, overly submissive and subservient. But that shouldn’t be the case. a live-in worker, not knowing your rights and protection will sometimes make you feel disempowered, overly submissive and subservient. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Thus, as live in workers, it’s essential to familiarise with immigration, employment and labour laws. Most of it pertains to the permanent residence process, employment standards, labour trafficking, medical compensation lawyers as well as immigration.

You’ll find that even most labour laws tend to protect domestic workers, as well as a majority of other live in workers, irrespective of their immigration status. For instance, your right to be paid and eligibility for the workers compensation isn’t in any way affected by your immigration status.

You should note that domestic workers such as housekeepers, nannies, and caregivers are excluded from a majority of the federal and state labour laws. However, they still have legal protection.

You are entitled to know and understand everything concerning your live-in job and the relationship between you and your employer.


Legal Help for Live In Workers


The aforementioned laws clearly detail this out under the following areas:

• Minimum wage and overtime
• Sleep time and On-call Time
• Meal and rest breaks
• Deductions
• Workers compensation
• Discrimination
• Record keeping
• Employment Agency Fees

Each of these areas contains relevant information concerning your rights and protection as a live-in worker. Since understanding some of the clauses and interpreting them can be somewhat challenging, you can even access personal injury lawyers back home in Australia if you have to. This will act as the right step towards finding freedom and boundaries around the ways that your employers can treat you.

Remember that you are allowed to:

• Request your employer / recruiter to strictly obey the law
• File a complaint
• Exercise your rights under any of the aforementioned laws
• Submit information to employment standards officers
• Testify / Participate in proceedings concerning you.

In addition, your employer is not in any way allowed to intimidate, suspend, fire, reduce/withhold your salary, punish you anyhow or threaten you without any valid legal reason.

Well, despite you as a live-in worker being entitled to all that we’ve briefly looked at, some people will still disobey it and subject you to the worst you could ever wish to see. Well, should that happen, you can make a complaint to the necessary authorities, including personal injury lawyers or you can as well try switching jobs.

Live-in Home Care for the Elderly

Even with their age, the elderly often times prefer to be live alone independently on their own. Living away from the city is usually their preference of choice as they are able to enjoy the quiet and peaceful neighborhood. With that being said, these are crucial times where they need help and assistance in every step of the way the most. Their bodies are not the same from once they were young limiting the number of physical activities that they are able to do. For that matter, a number of individuals often look for Live-in Home Care for the Elderly services as a way to keep their loved ones company at all times.

The people in United Kingdom have a relatively long life expectancy with an average of 82 years. This means there are a considerable number of elderly in the UK who need help and assistance on their regular day to day activities. This makes Live-in Home Care for the Elderly quite a popular career of choice to look forward to. Relatives who now have their own families to attend to may find that their time is limited and they are not able to take full care of their elderly loved ones anymore. This is especially true when they live very far away from each other. It is good to hear that such type of care and service is easily available for today providing the much needed assistance the elderly requires.

If you are planning on pursuing Live-in Home Care as a potential profession in the future, being well versed and knowledgeable in household chores adds to that extra layer of skill and proficiency which clients are looking for. Your tasks might include cooking for them, cleaning the house, taking out their bins, answering the phone for them, helping them with financial matters such as looking into their self managed super fund and of course generally providing companionship and conversation. Indeed, your day to day activities involve keeping the elderly that you are in charge of in company. Talking to them on a regular basis is required especially since your jobs as a Live-In Home Care and not just bound to a housecleaner. Cooking is indeed a prerequisite as you will be the one taking care of their diet preparing their meals 3 or more times a day. You can’t just rely on fast food delivery as well as ordering menu online as this is not a very practical choice to consider.

Live-in Home Care for the Elderly is a very promising career. In addition, the feeling of helping the elderly is somewhat very fulfilling especially when you see them happy under your care. The same feeling is also felt when the thanks and appreciation are given to you by their close relative and loved ones. This can also help you prepare for the future ahead especially when the need to take care of your parents or grandparents arises as you can take care for them on your own.