Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Social media English pubs

Pubs are an integral part of British living. As much as bars are prominent for being functional drinking holes, in Britain, they go beyond this. You’ll find ones that double up as a meeting place, community focal point, entertainment centre, name it, for instance, the Kings and Queens Bar , which last year, got voted as the best Yachting Bar the world over.

Apart from the common tourist attractions such as royals, castles and Shakespeare, popping into some of the pubs will assist you to understand not only the people but what the country is like as well.

British pubs and Social media

British pubs come in all sizes, shapes and styles, traditional country club, real ales and an open fire, bursting city centre hotspots.

Upon visiting the city centers, you’ll come across a wide variety of pubs close to each other with really amazing attractions and drinks such as warm beer and many others. One great example is The Brittania.

British pubs are like any other businesses that social media management has come into play. Most pubs now opt for staff who are not only ambitious, experienced and talented but also experts at social media management.

Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Fortunately, the majority of the lucky people to get these jobs have been Aussie travellers. A perfect example is Alicia who worked for a social media agency in Sydney that also does web design. Her collective experience practising social media management for pubs in Sydney has now enabled her work for prominent and well-respected pubs in Britain ever since she relocated there.

One such pub that has to date really employed such people is the Kings Head Theatre. The pub, founded in 1970, is quite famous with tourists and since Shakespear, it’s the first theatre pub.

Overall, tourism has played big in boosting the popularity and performance of British Pubs. But more important to them now is how, as we’ve observed, they can be able to make optimum use of social media.

Interestingly, the fantastic performance by Alicia in social media management in Sydney has paid off. She is just one among the few lucky ones. However, you can as well be part of this. Be sure to check out job listings for pubs in UK.

Oisin Rogers, the current manager at Young Pub is a living proof of the power of social media in driving sales. He claims it all began with a tweet. Sooner than he thought, customers were trooping in from all around the world. Apparently, hordes of Japanese tourist visit the place, order a drink or meal, take a photo of it and then leave.

Looking at such examples, it’s quite clear the power social media has. Today, an increasing number of pubs are harnessing the opportunity and some even consider it a vital aspect for success in business today.

Life as a Psychic Gypsy: A Nomadic Live-In Job

Life as a Psychic Gypsy

Gypsies’ connection to fortune telling dates back to the time of Persian invasion. It’s quite an ancient practice. Nowadays, most of them are popular for their psychic ability, as well as their ability to condemn life with a curse.

Meet Kim, a psychic gypsy who started in Australia but later moved to the UK. Right from her birth, the abilities were inherent and through contact with nature, they’ve now been enhanced and apparently, she boasts great powers, in addition to an intimate relationship with the spirits.

Kim uses special techniques, which don’t require the use of any machine to display her psychic abilities. Much of what she’s been able to perform all over Australia has accorded her immense respect.

We all experience a variety of lessons as we chase our sacred dream. Along the way, we feel joy, sorrow, excitement and adventure as well, all of them products of what physical life hands to us. However, along the way, we’ll also experience guilt, self-doubt, and utter confusion. Kim, through her abilities, has been able to awaken answers to such aspects, which adds to her popularity as a psychic gypsy.

Recently, Kim moved to the UK. While there, she was lucky to get a job which involved her traveling to new age festivals all over the entire country. While travelling in her caravan, Kim managed to attend recent festivals such as Insight Fairs, Spiritual Flow Events, Health and healing festivals , to name but a few.

Normally, attending such a festival can be quite an eye-opening experience. You will have the opportunity to wake up psychic abilities, explore alternative, as well as holistic options for boosting spiritual and mental well-being.

While there, Kim did assist people with mental and spiritual cleansing and also did a host of other related stuff such as massage therapy, tarot readings, astrology readings, palm reading, name it.

The festivals provide an opportunity to mind, body and spirit exhibitors a chance to showcase their numerous gifts and talents. Kim, through the festivals, has had an opportunity to sit with several people and demonstrate to them her diverse psychic abilities.

Back in Australia, she still attended the Mbs Festival, which is also another fun and exciting mind, body and spirit festival that also includes a psychic booth for the likes of Kim to showcase their special abilities.

In the end, it has all been a wonderful experience. Life as a Psychic gypsy for Kim has been splendid and full of breathtaking adventures. For her, she wholeheartedly appreciates the gift of physic ability and strongly recommends others to also discover their natural gifts.

In London & Searching For a Search Engine Job?

London SEO job

Are you in London and probably looking out for a SEO company where you can build your career? A place where you’ll get new skills; work with a talented, friendly and supportive team; work in nice offices with increasing job opportunities for Australians as well as many other foreigners? Well, here is a list of 12 SEO companies in London you can talk to and they’ll be glad to discuss about your career.

#1 Built Visible

Built visible is a fast growing London SEO agency with interesting packages for all their employees. Regardless of where you come from, so long as you indeed qualify and match the job description, then you are as good as hired. Some of the packages they offer include:

• Vitality health cover
• 25 holidays a year
• Excellent paternity and maternity leave options
• On-site training classes
• Flexible working hours and many more other packages

Find out more about the company by visiting and clicking on the career section.

#2 Polaris

In 2009, Polaris started to develop into a distinct entity, providing SEO services to clients outside London. After consistent growth outside London, the company relocated to London and now, they carry out their operations from there.

Polaris continues to dominate the SEO market in London and this expansion has necessitated the need to find more SEO experts. Visit their about us section at to contact the company and find out more details about the jobs available.

#3 Technology Uprising

Ever since its inception in 2005, Technology uprising has continued to grow and now not only boasts a host of SEO professionals from all over the world, but it’s also the leading SEO company in London.

It’s been privileged of hardworking, enthusiastic and innovative employees and still continues to hire more due to its high growth rate.

Since they boast of clients all over the world including Australia, it makes for a great place to find out more about the opportunity to work with them. Check out for more details.

#4 Verve search

Verse search is a top UK digital media agency specialising in online marketing and consulting.

Verve is growing rapidly and apparently it’s on the look out for passionate and talented individuals. Currently, it boasts of a team from 13 different countries fluent in 14 different languages.

All you have to do work with Verve search is visit and be sure to get in touch with the company.

#5 Avenue digital

Avenue, a digital marketing agency based in London, is anchored on creativity and excellence and still continues to look out for a creative team to assist it further their ambitions.

Do you boast of sufficient digital know-how and have the ambition to provide better connections between businesses and their audience? Well, visit and find out more.

#6 Total Media

Total media is among the top UK’s independent media agencies. It specialises in launching as well as growing brands.

The company’s focuses on delivering real as well as significant growth for their client’s brands and services. They provide exceptional SEO service and consultancy as well.

Discover more about the company and careers available by visiting

#7 Found

Over the years, Found has built a great reputation and is now being recognised as one of the best places to work.

Having worked in Australia for a while as a SEO consultant and now based in London, I can without a doubt confirm to you that London is a fantastic place not only to stay but for SEO experts as well.

The company, for instance, offers an environment that appreciates great talent and innovation from all around the world.

Found boasts a host of other amazing packages for their employees. Find out more about it by visiting

#8 DubSEO’s

DubSEO has over the years enjoyed considerable success as exclusive SEO providers all over London.

It continues to win over more clients through their efficient and top SEO services and to keep up with the trend, they continue to hire experts all over the world.

Contact DubSEO today at and find more details about their job offers.

#9 Digivate

Digivate is a digital company recognised as a leader in SEO services in London.

The company has a team of experts from around the world and still continues to look out for talented professionals who will assist them maximize client revenues.

Are you looking forward to developing your career and expanding your experience withing a dynamic and creative environment? Well, get in touch with

#10 Grapefruit Marketing

Grapefruit is a popular SEO company in London that takes a professional approach when it comes to search engine optimization.
The company provides SEO consulting as well as management services for clients not only in London but across the UK and the entire world.
To find out how you can join their team and be part of the movement visit and be sure to contact them.

#11 Kd Web digital thinking

Ever since its inception, kd company has been committed to providing excellent and innovative digital projects done by their qualified and experienced staff.

Thus, they prioritize in utilizing exceptional individuals well qualified in their respective fields to deal with their various projects

If you boast of good experience and qualifications, get in touch with the company today and they’ll be happy to discuss about your career.

#12 JustifyDigital

Justify Digital is a prominent business in the UK and beyond. It’s popular for providing quality SEO services.
With a goal to maximize on the available opportunities across London, the company has and still continues to human resource.

If you would love to be part of their team and feel fit to work with them, then don’t hesitate to contact them at and they’ll back to you as soon as possible.

Financial Help For Low Paid Workers in the UK

financial help loans

According to a prominent think tank in the UK, young workers in the UK and beyond have very little funds in their bank accounts. In fact, following a prolonged decline in incomes, most of them are now vulnerable to higher Interest rates.

Another report by SMF also indicated that 26-35 year-olds have suffered a 36 percent drop in savings i.e ₤ 461 to ₤ 296, since 2005. In addition, most are now weighed down by debt, i.e. mortgages, car loans, and other liabilities. This and other similar reports clearly indicate younger workers in the UK are financially insecure with a great portion boasting a bad credit report.

So, in an effort to address the situation, various financial Institutions currently offer financial help aimed specifically at this group.

Here’s a list of 12 of them dedicated to ensuring the said workers are able to access financial assistance.


Here’s another UK’s top loan provider for people with low wages and poor credit history. Getting an ordinary loan when you have poor credit history or lack anything else that can be secured against the loan has proven difficult for many people. Have street lenders rejected your application for a personal loan, guarantor loan, homeowner loan, installment loan or logbook loan? Don’t fret. Contact today.

#2 Capital One

At Capital one, everyone has access to credit. Credit cards are essential in our everyday life. However, if your credit history is wanting, things can be a bit difficult for you. Capital One secured card will assist you get started on this and make things a lot easier for you. Find out more about them by visiting their website

#3 Halifax

Looking for a perfect partner to assist you escape the debt treadmill? A debt consolidation loan from Halifax might be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Here, you can exchange your monthly installments for a single, cheap, friendly and manageable loan. Take care of your financial situation right now by visiting their site to find out more.

#4 London Community Credit Union

The institution provides affordable credit to the London community. They have considerably cheap loans compared to many other providers, and many other benefits as well. In case your situation changes, you can still negotiate with them on repayment terms. Learn more about them and apply for their loans online today by clicking

#5 Australian Lending Center

If you are an Aussie worker and you prefer dealing with a financial institution back home in Sydney, then this is where you need to turn to. They offer a wide range of services ( click to view) including debt consolidation, bad credit loans, personal and business loans all at competitive rates. In addition, the applications are fast and flexible.

#6 Mortgage Wise Financial

At Mortgage Wise Financial, you have plenty of choices spanning from debt consolidation to mortgage products suitable for your needs and expectation. The service is quick, personalized and at no fee. In case you are wondering where to turn to for a debt consolidation mortgage, be sure to contact mortgage wise financial by clicking

#7 Money Super Market

Is your property repossessed? And your wage not enough to get you through this? Well, you may be finding a way to avoid trouble and at this point a debt consolidation loan can come handy. The institution has plenty of money options( click to view). Most of the options are aimed at streamlining your debt obligations. Why not contact them today and find a solution to all your concerns?

#8 Pounds to Pocket

The main aim for Pound to Pocket is to assist hard working individuals meet their financial obligations with trustworthy credit. They offer their customers a personal loan option designed to cater to each borrower’s unique financial situation. Here, customers can select a loan that suits their needs and expectations without straining the ability to repay. Visit their website to learn more.

#9 Maxcroft

Maxcroft is a well established financial institution serving London and the larger UK. They specialize in providing unsecured loans to tenants, homeowners and overall, to people with low wages as seen on their site Each application is considered on an individual basis and the loans can be issued in cash on the same day. Click

#10 Midland Credit

Regardless of your credit history, at you can get approved for a car loan without much hassle. Be it closed accounts, previous bankruptcy, previous repossession, name it, they have options to cater for each person. No matter your situation, the institution can help you obtain a vehicle.

#11 Avantcredit

At, you’ll have personal access to personal installment loans with no collateral required. The loan is effective, especially when consolidating it with a large credit card debt. One other fascinating thing about the loans they offer is that your payment history will always be submitted to credit reporting agencies, which will assist you rebuild your poor credit history in case you have one. Take better control of your finances today with Avantcredit.

#12 Zopa

For the last 6 years running, Zopa has been voted as as the UK’s most trusted loan provider. They offer low rate loans with less interest making it a smart way to take absolute control of your finances. The application is real quick and the service great. Visit to find out more.



The Best Waste Management Job I Ever Had

waste management job

Over the years now, I have found my estate management job somewhat overwhelmingly desirable. But that never happened overnight. If you are considering a job in the estate management industry, I would encourage you to find out more from my personal experience.

Perhaps this may sound a bit old fashioned but my previous job entirely revolved around working as a dustman for waste management companies. Oftentimes, people will gather their trash up and put it out for the trash collection service to take care of whatever else remains to be done. Now, that’s where I thrived.

Remember, dealing with such waste is not much of a clean job. Let’s just say it’s a shitty task. There’ll be offensive, pungent, choking smells and dirty items you’ll have to take absolute care of. Such, and even worse than that, will actually be inherent in this type of jobs. However, I got used to this. Sooner than I thought, I was doing even better than I thought.

But here’s the other side of the coin. It may be a dirty a job, a headache for not only your family, but you as well. However, at the end of the day you tend to be a savior. Here’s how: You pick up the waste, dispose it off, and eventually save these homeowners and commercial individuals from a host of healthy hazards. Personally, that made me a little more proud as I continued to work with waste management companies.

Life is fair. It will always find a way to reward you. On one particular morning, everything turned around. It was a twilight moment. Fresh from a being a mere dustman, another greater opportunity awaited for me. It was an estate management job. I was destined for a wealthy British Mansion. Honestly, that in itself reeked of nothing but decency and absolute comfort.

Well, let’s forget about rent and whatnots. Here, I would live on the property. Quite frankly, that’s a well sought after package many workers of my caliber wouldn’t give second thought about.

The lingering effects I experienced in my former job were no more. Okay, let’s face it. The nature of some of the waste management jobs makes them quite less attractive, at least to many people. Now, unlike before, my new job was less hazardous to health. It was something more satisfying and decent. An estate management job.

Back to the wealthy British mansion. Besides it, there existed a forest. To be precise. let’s call it a local private forest. It was picturesque, one that triggers your emotions and before you realize, you’ll be romanticizing about it.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, well, that was my new workplace. I would entirely be dealing with woodland wastes from the forest. I can say I had just bid farewell to horrible smells and Items.

I have now worked here for a while. Each day, there’s just a lot more good to expect. The environment, job conditions and consideration for the job are all remarkably great. Apparently, I find it as the most interesting waste management job I have ever had to do in my life.

Live-In Nanny Jobs for Post-Menopausal Women

Job hunting for post-menopausal women could be a challenge. After taking care of children who left the nest, you find you have enough time to earn an income for yourself. If you’re thinking about working full time after menopause the more popular ways for middle aged to earn income is going into child care. And what better job is suited for the natural caregiver than live-in nanny services.

Many families choose a live-in nanny to provide care for their children and become a part of the family. A live-in nanny usually works 8-12 hours a day with a one day off during the week. The average wage range for a live-in nanny in the UK is £400-550 per week. While the average wage range for live-in nanny in Australia is $280-450 per week, but the wage depends on many factors like experience, qualification, number of children, responsibilities and other tasks.

Are you thinking about finding a live-in nanny job? It’s a great opportunity for post-menopausal women to work closely with a family. If you find the right family who cares for you and respects you, you will form a mutually caring relationship and gain another family. You become a part of that family offering security and care.


Post-Menopausal Women

A live-in nanny usually makes less than live-out nanny but they have greater dispensable income. Their food is covered because they receive meals as part of the compensation package. Employers provide accommodation, no rent or utilities to worry. Imagine the savings on living expense. Working as a live-in nanny saves a significant amount of money that can go straight to your bank account.

Having no commute is convenient. You can roll out of bed and head to work without getting stuck in traffic. This eliminates an enormous amount of stress. Some employers even let you use their car during working hours and during off hours too. This let you save on expense of buying a car and insurance.

Some employers pay nanny’s registration and travel expenses to attend professional development conferences. They may even pay professional organization fees for you to take classes. You can use this additional training to advance in career. This can help you to be a house manager in a multi-staffed house in the future.

Family vacation is an opportunity to travel. According to International Nanny Association, 40% of nannies travel with their employer’s family. After menopause, women feel a surge of energy and adventure, traveling with your charge’s family is the fun way to utilize it. This free travel opportunity can possibly open local or international jobs for you in the future. Live-in nannies usually receive one to two weeks of paid vacation. Other benefits are paid holidays, normally eight to 11 days each year and paid sick days typically three to five sick days per year.

Aside from room and board, free food and utilities, working as a nanny entitles you to extra perks like gym membership and access to family’s health club or country club. You also get a cellphone and your employer pays your cellphone bill. Health insurance premium contributions may be paid partially or in full by your employer.

Special relationship can be built with the families that employ you. Deep and lasting bond will develop since you will be sharing the family home and spending time with them. You gain valuable experience and become a better caregiver. But the biggest benefit of menopausal women working as a live-in nanny is getting to see your charges grow into responsible young adults.