Staying Connected Whilst Abroad

Whether you are working overseas or running a multinational operation, staying connected whilst abroad is a must in the 21C. The internet and the World Wide Web have made our actual world, seem a whole lot smaller, because we are connected more often, despite the vast distances involved. Instant communications, day or night, between company operatives makes doing business, wherever you are, a hell of a lot easier. Things like intranet and mobile phones have transformed workplaces, allowing customers, staff and other stakeholders to engage productively 24/7. We are no longer limited by geography and we are utilising time and space more efficiently.

Doing A Deal Could Take Months & Years

Imagine what it was like doing business in the days of travel and transport by shipping. Close your eyes and think about when there were no phone lines, no underground cables, just snail mail taken by boats and steam trains. Doing a deal could take months and years to establish. Communicating with manufacturers and suppliers could take a similar amount of time to organise production. The world was definitely a far less productive place, back in the good old days. Staying connected whilst abroad involved lengthy delays between each stage of travel from town to town and nation to nation.

The Wheels of Industry Spin Faster Than Ever Before

Thankfully, our expanding networks have freed us all from such time-consuming restrictions. Instant emails deliver information and orders, which result in sales and other productive movements, for businesses right around the globe. Whether you are purchasing quality herbal medicine or cruelty free liquid lipstick the wheels of industry spin faster than ever before, taking your order right to your door. The sophistication inherent within our consumer society is incredible. At no other time in history has any other civilisation come within cooee of what we have achieved in the 21C.

International Travel No longer a Big Thing

Staying connected whilst abroad affords multiple opportunities in work and in life. Our digital phones keep us connected via text, pictures and live conversations. International travel is no longer the big thing it once was. Paradoxically we have made our lives more prosaic and less exciting via our technology. The amazing has become the hum drum. Travel used to broaden the mind, according to sage wisdom. Now, it merely fills in time with a few different looking faces and the odd strange smell cooking somewhere.

Remote Digital Offices

Few people remember fondly their days where they had to trudge into town, work hour after hour in dehumanizing windowless cubicles where they are merely an ant in the greater colony or an unimportant cog in the mechanism, and with little notice they are quickly replaced. This kind of working environment struggles with morale issues as it is difficult to inspire people who feel like they are simply in a prairie dog colony. However, offices all over the world are beginning to make a titanic shift in the way that offices are laid out. The future of the office as we have known it is almost certainly to be your own home.

As systems of automation make it easier to route phones and reach individuals, it makes little sense for businesses to shell out millions of dollars on office space when you can do the same phone calls, send the same emails, and accomplish the same digital tasks from your home office. If anything truly important needs to be sent manually you can simply print it off and deliver it whenever you go into town next or via a courier. By creating digital offices in remote areas, people can work from home while still working the full eight hours at their job. One of the major benefits of this is the increase in productivity. There is less commute time, less frustration, and working from the comfort of your own home improves morale in many individuals.

As more and more digital marketing agencies outsource jobs, we are going to see the traditional office environment shift. You may well work at a company with thousands of employees but you are likely to never see them. As each of you work on your individualized tasks at home, sending emails, filing paperwork, interacting with customers, or forwarding them to the correct departments either with automated phone service or by directing email enquiries to the right places, advertising agencies are able to do huge amounts of their leg work from their home offices. This saves millions in office equipment, office space rental, and morale building activities. After all, you don’t need to help a morale problem with large groups of individuals when there are no office or morale concerns.

Many individuals dream of being able to work from home and skip the daily commute. Working from home also enables workers to be able to sleep longer, have greater work-life integration and simply be able to enjoy their work more while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own home. The future of the digital office is likely to become at some point the future of most offices as more and more things that can be automated are automated. This will also be true as lowering carbon footprints becomes more important to companies – working from home is going to be a more attractive way to go green, improve morale, save money, lower stress, and improve efficiency in the workforce. Don’t wait until your office is already obsolete to make the switch, and start learning how you can make the shift today.

Jobs Where an Exotic Background is an Advantage

According to statistics, white people have the highest median salary in terms of academic and non-academic jobs. They are followed by the Chinese, Asians and other ethnicities. This is a partial manifestation that international workers are somewhat discriminated based on their race or ethnicities. However, there are lines of work where people of exotic background are preferred.

Modeling and Fashion

CNN reported that the women who appear exotic or multicultural have more gigs compared with white models. In fact, models like Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian, who look ethnic are seen in almost all types of print and digital media.

There are different types of models, as per a modelling website. One of the groups that stands out the most today are those with exotic beauty. One can be classified as such if he/she has exotic facial features. Having a foreign name surely will secure you under this category.

Exotic models are today’s “It Girls.” Some say that this is just a trend that will get out of style once a new fad is introduced. But if you’re going to ask Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School, “the public’s shift in perception of beauty is a sign of times.”

The appreciation for exotic beauty did not happen overnight. Over the years, models who are curvier and darker are only associated with ethnic models. But nowadays, white women undergo cosmetic surgeries for them to look ethnic or exotic. If truth be told, the sales of tanning products and padded underwears increased in the last decade. This just shows the predilection of the public to look ethnic or appear exotic.


If you are a fan of the TV series, the majority of today’s lead characters is either Black, Latinas or Asians. In fact, casting calls for movies or TV shows are more inclined towards the minorities. Among those who already made a mark are Kerry Washington, Sofia Vergara and Viola Davis.

Even in porn, talent scouts favor the looks and skills of Russians, Latinas, Asians and African-Americans. This may be one of the few reasons why some men prefer the services of escorts who have exotic beauty. Not only they look good, but they also do their jobs well.

Chiropractic On The Job Training In The UK


The use of chiropractic services is widespread. It is estimated that doctors of chiropractic treat more than 30 million people annually.

In Australia alone, more than 12 million visits to chiropractors have been recorded each year, and over 1 million of these visits are paediatric visits according to a report.

Chiropractic care is a more natural form of healthcare and it’s one of the safest medical treatments we have today. Most people think that it’s just for back or neck pain, but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve never seen a chiropractor or never had a chiropractic adjustment before, it’s just natural that you may have some questions and concerns. Properly understanding how it works and how it can help you will give you a clearer vision.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a properly trained and licensed individual who practices chiropractic alternative medicine, a holistic approach which helps relieve a patient’s pain without surgery or medication. He or she specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the focus is on the spine, nervous system and the body’s own healing powers. A chiropractor will find the underlying cause of the problem so you can feel and function better, and at the same time, stop you from recreating the problems in the future.

Chiropractors treat pain plus a wide range of other conditions which are believed to be related to the mis-alignments of the spine. By manipulating joints, bones and soft tissues, they can help clients control pain and restore the mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury due to a traumatic event or repetitive stress.

Other conditions treated by a chiropractor include:

In the UK, there are chiropractor apprenticeship programmes and on the job trainings available which can help one get what they want from their career. By being a chiropractor apprentice, one has the advantage to:

— be mentored and work under the care and guidance of an experienced and qualified chiropractor

— gain experience, confidence and responsibility for career progression

— learn business skills and how to actually run a practice

— keep skills and knowledge up to date for continued professional development

— learn different techniques from difficult cases and learning how to solve them

— learn how to give their patients an exceptional experience

The role and effectiveness of chiropractic care is not to be denied. It’s no surprise then that more people become interested in chiropractic education as the profession continues to become more mainstream and integrated.

Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

The live-in job makes a great deal of economic sense. You do not have to travel to work, which means that you are not paying fares or fuel money. In many cases meals are also provided on-the-job, which is another valuable saving. Live-in jobs are also, generally, more intense, quite simply, because you never get away from the job. As long as you love it, it can be a match made in heaven. The repetitive motion live-in job can be a pain, not in the arse usually, it is far more common in the back.

Bending over for prolonged periods of time, as in the case of non-mechanical grape pickers, can result in severe back pain. Live-in jobs are quite often repetitive tasks, because they need to offer the value added extras to make this attractive to prospective employees. The live-in handyman or handywoman can also suffer from repetitive motion back pain, especially when they are sanding floors, polishing or fixing things down low. Plumbers, also quite commonly experience back pain from repetitive motion tasks like digging, wrenching and affixing pipes. Carpenters, are another trade, which can suffer from back pain through intense repetitive tasks.

Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

What can one do to avoid or lessen the suffering caused by these repetitive motion jobs? Generally, getting up and moving about regularly can make a big difference; getting the blood to flow around the body. It is your circulation that usually becomes restricted through these repetitive tasks. Taking regular breaks, and doing a bit of stretching, can make the world of difference. Sometimes, especially when new at a job, we tend to overcompensate and perform beyond our normal levels of output to impress our new employers. When in fact, they would prefer your longevity in the role, than someone who burns out too quickly.

You can also get treatment for your repetitive motion injury. Back pain relief is available from health care professionals like osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. These trained professionals will provide you with the best solution and advice to avoid further injury from the kind of work you are doing. This in itself is as valuable as the cure. We must train ourselves to work in a new way, employing methods and techniques that will not cause injury to ourselves. Working in harmony with our physical bodies is as important as getting the job done.

Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

The UK, and London in particular, is an exciting place to live and work. Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK are fairly numerous with lots of Asian businesses in the hospitality sector. Of course, if you have qualifications in any specialised field, whether it be accounting, banking, medicine, engineering or IT you can get a good job in the UK. London and the UK are linked to Europe through the EU, and globally through the sheer size of the British economy. It is the fifth largest national economy in the world, as adjudged through nominal GDP.

The UK is a Mecca for tourists from around the world; everyone wants to see where western civilisation flowered and where the once all powerful British Empire came from. There is so much history in London, dating back to Roman times, ancient buildings and castles cover these isles. The UK is also Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; places with their own unique rich histories. Aussie Asians, like everybody else, are interested in the roots of western commerce and culture. Tourism also means jobs, of course, and a chance to live and work in a bustling metropolis.

Look around in London, and the other major cities in the UK, and you see people from all over the world, visiting and living in the UK. There will be Asian Australians working in sushi bars, and as sushi chefs, and as bar persons in karaoke bars. England loves the Japanese style of entertainment and its cities and towns are populated with these yummy and fun places. Everyone adores getting drunk and belting out a song or two; from Glasgow to Devon, from Leicester to Belfast, and all spots in-between.

The English also love Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food and just about every kind of Asian restaurant or food hall experience. Asian food has conquered the western world with its unique flavours and spices. Traditional British food can be a bit bland and many locals prefer the Asian alternative. A curry, a kebab, or a Chinese banquet or two; the orient provides the British public with great choice in their culinary fare.

There are extremely talented Asians plying their trade in the English Premier League or EPL. Players from Korea, Japan and other Asian teams, have made their mark on the round ball game. As Asia and Australia continue to embrace football; we will only see more players grace these shores.


More Mechanics needed in the UK for live in jobs

In recent weeks UK Mechanics have seen a surge in business due to the quantity of car checkups required by Volkswagen car owners. Many owners are unsure if they are eligible or not to join the VW class action against the internationally known car company.

Throughout December and January it is expected that Mechanic shops throughout the UK will need more mechanics at hand to fill the orders by customers.

As a UK live in job entity we are looking at ways that this demand will be filled by the market place. Our suggestion would be for mechanic enterprises
to take on board live in job staff from places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

What better way to handle a temporary surge in business as too enlist enthusiastic young mechanics who can serve your customers and also assisting them with their car issues in particular Volkswagen vehicles.

According to the compensation lawyer VW Class Action case that Volkswagen is facing, all cars that were produced by the company between 2008 and 2015 have some kind of underlining fault attached to them. We recommend mechanics who are familiar with Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi’s. They will be dealing these models of car often, so it is important to have a well rounded background knowledge on the subject.

According to authorities on the subject up too 800,000 cars world wide are effected by the faulty nature of the engines that are emitting understated carbon-dioxide readings. A large proportion of the faulty cars are owned by people in Britain.

To all the Mechanics Shops who are considering having a UK live in employee working at your business you are required to have a spare room, shower facilities and a kitchen that your employees will have continual access to throughout their stay at your business. In return you will receive individuals with great skills and vigour to do odd jobs around the mechanic shop while at affordable labour cost and take full advantage of the extra cash you can bring in this summer due to this one off event that has resulted in more business to your mechanic workshop.

Clinical Psychologist live in UK jobs

Working and living in the UK can really do your head in. Firstly you will have leave your Psychologist in practice. Then there is the weather that will get you down. Then there are the tiny flats that people live in. They are usually dark and damp. And the laundry is usually in the kitchen. You will spend most of your time at home so where you choose to live will be important. The easiest thing to do would be to get a job in a flash place and get them to include living in as part of the salary. There are plenty of options for this type of arrangement. For those with a hospitality background, you could easily go for a pub job. These are in high supply in the summer when the pub is busy every night. But they are also available in the other months. For those who want their evenings free more often, working at a london hotel could be a better choice. Some of the fancy hotels like Durley House offer the best deal. You can work there for an average salary and have delicious, 5 star, meals provided by the chef and stay in the beautiful suites or in the staff accommodation.

No matter what you do living in the UK it will eventually get to you. When you get home you will definitely need some mental health support! Contact a Clinical Psychologist. It may take several months or years and a lot of money for the rehabilitation. You can use medicare initially to help pay for sessions and then by the time that runs out you will be ready for work. Coffs has some great attractions to explore and you can hang out at the beach. Just be careful of sharks.