Administrative tasks and responsibilities of being a carer for the elderly while having a live in job

Many individuals approach us with their experiences working in live in jobs throughout the UK. Often individuals take up a position because they have a passion and or interest in the line of work that is on offer.

Yet one career choice that really stands out above all else is working with the elderly. Working with the elderly requires a special type of person who can commit and dedicate themselves with making the lives of the elderly more safe and secure offering dignity and joy.

Administrative tasks and responsibilities of being a carer for the elderly can vary from place to place. Allot of the time the elderly that take on live job carers also utilize other in home services such as cleaners, electricians, plumbers, psychotherapists, doctors and dentists. As a live carer along with providing company for the elderly you are also required to administrate the different in home services that the elder schedule within their calendars.

Usually once a week a cleaner will come to the home and offer cleaning services which usually means every thing from spotless cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen area to dusting and vacuuming the entire house. Your responsibility on a day to day basis usually include taking out the garbage, cleaning the dishes and cooking dinner.

It is important to keep a healthy and clean environment for elderly people due to their immune systems tending to be lower and less resilient than young people. It is your responsibility to be aware of the need to always keep a clean environment when caring and living within these quarters. It can be allot of work at times, yet what many individuals that approach us say it that it is very rewarding and they learn allot from being around elderly people and given the opportunity to they would do it again.

On occasion the elderly will also invite psychotherapists over to their homes to assist them with deconstructing their life story so that they can find out from a psychotherapy point of view where they experienced success in life and where they could of further improve themselves. One location in particular that is world class for these services is Sydney psychotherapy community groups that meet every six weeks.

Usually before you enter the job their will be a schedule that has already been organized that can aid you in your efforts, until you get the hang of thing we have support people that you can contact who can give you advice and help trouble shoot the tasks when starting out as a carer.

The Challenges of Dating When You Have a Live-In Job



Challenges of Dating Live-In Jobs

Dating can be a challenge to people with live-in jobs. Imagine being out in a nightclub and meeting someone attractive. After some mutual flirting, you want to take her home, but you just can’t because you don’t have a place of your own. This can be a real dilemma which can have a serious impact on a person’s relationship and sex, especially those who are in their lustful twenties and thirties. The need for intimacy is, after all, a pretty basic component of being human.

In a perfect world, you take your date to your place, enjoy your own privacy and have the best sexcapade of your life. But for some who are living-in with their employers, this scenario is hardly ever heard of.

If you’re one of those people, you’re probably wondering where the best options for a snog, or even a full-blown sex session could be.

Well, it turns out that a lot of people are just as inventive when it comes to these kinds of situations. For some, doing it in a dark back alleyway or private toilets may be good enough. Others have a thing for privacy and discreetness and find that a cemetery or parklands are much better choices.

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