More Mechanics needed in the UK for live in jobs

In recent weeks UK Mechanics have seen a surge in business due to the quantity of car checkups required by Volkswagen car owners. Many owners are unsure if they are eligible or not to join the VW class action against the internationally known car company.

Throughout December and January it is expected that Mechanic shops throughout the UK will need more mechanics at hand to fill the orders by customers.

As a UK live in job entity we are looking at ways that this demand will be filled by the market place. Our suggestion would be for mechanic enterprises
to take on board live in job staff from places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

What better way to handle a temporary surge in business as too enlist enthusiastic young mechanics who can serve your customers and also assisting them with their car issues in particular Volkswagen vehicles.

According to the compensation lawyer VW Class Action case that Volkswagen is facing, all cars that were produced by the company between 2008 and 2015 have some kind of underlining fault attached to them. We recommend mechanics who are familiar with Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi’s. They will be dealing these models of car often, so it is important to have a well rounded background knowledge on the subject.

According to authorities on the subject up too 800,000 cars world wide are effected by the faulty nature of the engines that are emitting understated carbon-dioxide readings. A large proportion of the faulty cars are owned by people in Britain.

To all the Mechanics Shops who are considering having a UK live in employee working at your business you are required to have a spare room, shower facilities and a kitchen that your employees will have continual access to throughout their stay at your business. In return you will receive individuals with great skills and vigour to do odd jobs around the mechanic shop while at affordable labour cost and take full advantage of the extra cash you can bring in this summer due to this one off event that has resulted in more business to your mechanic workshop.