Live-in Jobs in Ireland

Live-in positions are known to have added benefits you can really enjoy. In Ireland, plenty of them exist. It could be a live-in nanny/child-minder, house help, au pair, gardener, chef/cooks, home help for the elderly, companion housekeepers, to name just a few.

There are plenty of live-in pub and hotel jobs in Ireland. Dublin, Kerry and Cork, as well as other tourist populated places, offer a lot of live-in jobs in pubs, restaurant and hotels. Hotels such as Whites Hotel Group normally recruit staff throughout Ireland to work from March each year until the summer season is over. For some people, the thought of catching public transport to work every morning isn’t just fun at all. Should that be your case, then the aforementioned jobs might do you justice. Ireland is so full of fantastic bars as well. Some of them include The Claddagh Irish Bar and Irish Times Pub.

A good number of outdoor activity spots throughout Ireland also offer live-job positions for catering and activity instructors as well.

Literally, a nanny job might not sound as a good job to many. But what many fail to realise is that times have changed and currently, the benefits of being a nanny are just overwhelming. Today, most have of them have fantastic opportunities to travel the world, enjoy separate accommodation/apartments, amongst other exciting benefits. Agencies such as Hynes Agency and Executive Nanny, who double up as specialists in family and child care have taken up the task of seeking after potential nannies, training them and supplying them to the clients. You can read more about them here and here

However, note that au pairs will be required to have some experience, although speaking fluent English is not a must.

Other specific institutions, organizations and businesses also offer live-in positions. Most of these can be found at, or, where agencies and the aforementioned parties alike, post information about vacancies. It could either be part time or full time.

Many thanks to Irish ex-pat Marcus Dervin for these tips on jobs in Ireland – Marcus runs a Sharepoint consultancy in Sydney:

Perhaps you intend to come to work here, you’ll need to be aware of the formalities involved in travelling to the place. It would be really helpful getting to know about who is entitled to come here and other general information about living in Ireland. Get more information on that here or alternatively, you can check with their Embassy just before you travel.

As part of the recruitment process, job seekers and employers alike are recommended to sign a legal employment contract of service between themselves.

Now, apart from living on-site, live-in jobs comprise plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Top locations
  • Fewer outgoings
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Being part of the larger family