Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

The UK, and London in particular, is an exciting place to live and work. Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK are fairly numerous with lots of Asian businesses in the hospitality sector. Of course, if you have qualifications in any specialised field, whether it be accounting, banking, medicine, engineering or IT you can get a good job in the UK. London and the UK are linked to Europe through the EU, and globally through the sheer size of the British economy. It is the fifth largest national economy in the world, as adjudged through nominal GDP.

The UK is a Mecca for tourists from around the world; everyone wants to see where western civilisation flowered and where the once all powerful British Empire came from. There is so much history in London, dating back to Roman times, ancient buildings and castles cover these isles. The UK is also Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; places with their own unique rich histories. Aussie Asians, like everybody else, are interested in the roots of western commerce and culture. Tourism also means jobs, of course, and a chance to live and work in a bustling metropolis.

Look around in London, and the other major cities in the UK, and you see people from all over the world, visiting and living in the UK. There will be Asian Australians working in sushi bars, and as sushi chefs, and as bar persons in karaoke bars. England loves the Japanese style of entertainment and its cities and towns are populated with these yummy and fun places. Everyone adores getting drunk and belting out a song or two; from Glasgow to Devon, from Leicester to Belfast, and all spots in-between.

The English also love Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food and just about every kind of Asian restaurant or food hall experience. Asian food has conquered the western world with its unique flavours and spices. Traditional British food can be a bit bland and many locals prefer the Asian alternative. A curry, a kebab, or a Chinese banquet or two; the orient provides the British public with great choice in their culinary fare.

There are extremely talented Asians plying their trade in the English Premier League or EPL. Players from Korea, Japan and other Asian teams, have made their mark on the round ball game. As Asia and Australia continue to embrace football; we will only see more players grace these shores.