In London & Searching For a Search Engine Job?

London SEO job

Are you in London and probably looking out for a SEO company where you can build your career? A place where you’ll get new skills; work with a talented, friendly and supportive team; work in nice offices with increasing job opportunities for Australians as well as many other foreigners? Well, here is a list of 12 SEO companies in London you can talk to and they’ll be glad to discuss about your career.

#1 Built Visible

Built visible is a fast growing London SEO agency with interesting packages for all their employees. Regardless of where you come from, so long as you indeed qualify and match the job description, then you are as good as hired. Some of the packages they offer include:

• Vitality health cover
• 25 holidays a year
• Excellent paternity and maternity leave options
• On-site training classes
• Flexible working hours and many more other packages

Find out more about the company by visiting and clicking on the career section.

#2 Polaris

In 2009, Polaris started to develop into a distinct entity, providing SEO services to clients outside London. After consistent growth outside London, the company relocated to London and now, they carry out their operations from there.

Polaris continues to dominate the SEO market in London and this expansion has necessitated the need to find more SEO experts. Visit their about us section at to contact the company and find out more details about the jobs available.

#3 Technology Uprising

Ever since its inception in 2005, Technology uprising has continued to grow and now not only boasts a host of SEO professionals from all over the world, but it’s also the leading SEO company in London.

It’s been privileged of hardworking, enthusiastic and innovative employees and still continues to hire more due to its high growth rate.

Since they boast of clients all over the world including Australia, it makes for a great place to find out more about the opportunity to work with them. Check out for more details.

#4 Verve search

Verse search is a top UK digital media agency specialising in online marketing and consulting.

Verve is growing rapidly and apparently it’s on the look out for passionate and talented individuals. Currently, it boasts of a team from 13 different countries fluent in 14 different languages.

All you have to do work with Verve search is visit and be sure to get in touch with the company.

#5 Avenue digital

Avenue, a digital marketing agency based in London, is anchored on creativity and excellence and still continues to look out for a creative team to assist it further their ambitions.

Do you boast of sufficient digital know-how and have the ambition to provide better connections between businesses and their audience? Well, visit and find out more.

#6 Total Media

Total media is among the top UK’s independent media agencies. It specialises in launching as well as growing brands.

The company’s focuses on delivering real as well as significant growth for their client’s brands and services. They provide exceptional SEO service and consultancy as well.

Discover more about the company and careers available by visiting

#7 Found

Over the years, Found has built a great reputation and is now being recognised as one of the best places to work.

Having worked in Australia for a while as a SEO consultant and now based in London, I can without a doubt confirm to you that London is a fantastic place not only to stay but for SEO experts as well.

The company, for instance, offers an environment that appreciates great talent and innovation from all around the world.

Found boasts a host of other amazing packages for their employees. Find out more about it by visiting

#8 DubSEO’s

DubSEO has over the years enjoyed considerable success as exclusive SEO providers all over London.

It continues to win over more clients through their efficient and top SEO services and to keep up with the trend, they continue to hire experts all over the world.

Contact DubSEO today at and find more details about their job offers.

#9 Digivate

Digivate is a digital company recognised as a leader in SEO services in London.

The company has a team of experts from around the world and still continues to look out for talented professionals who will assist them maximize client revenues.

Are you looking forward to developing your career and expanding your experience withing a dynamic and creative environment? Well, get in touch with

#10 Grapefruit Marketing

Grapefruit is a popular SEO company in London that takes a professional approach when it comes to search engine optimization.
The company provides SEO consulting as well as management services for clients not only in London but across the UK and the entire world.
To find out how you can join their team and be part of the movement visit and be sure to contact them.

#11 Kd Web digital thinking

Ever since its inception, kd company has been committed to providing excellent and innovative digital projects done by their qualified and experienced staff.

Thus, they prioritize in utilizing exceptional individuals well qualified in their respective fields to deal with their various projects

If you boast of good experience and qualifications, get in touch with the company today and they’ll be happy to discuss about your career.

#12 JustifyDigital

Justify Digital is a prominent business in the UK and beyond. It’s popular for providing quality SEO services.
With a goal to maximize on the available opportunities across London, the company has and still continues to human resource.

If you would love to be part of their team and feel fit to work with them, then don’t hesitate to contact them at and they’ll back to you as soon as possible.