Bringing a musical instrument with you while working in a live in job

Woman playing guitar on the beach


Planning a year abroad working in the UK… Bring your guitar 🙂

One of the painful facts that becomes apparent when traveling abroad is that you have to decide carefully what to bring with you on your extended holiday. Unfortunately rationalising what you bring can come down to how much luggage you are able to take with you.

Depending on which country your originally from the luggage criteria can vary greatly. In Australia individuals tend to only be able to bring along 20KG suite case plus 7KG carry on luggage, where else if your coming to the UK via an American airline the luggage allowance can be between 50KG – 70KG of luggage.

As you can imagine both of these options really do not leave much scope for bringing along all the comforts and familiar items that you use on a daily basis back home. Because of this burdening fact of life, what you bring with you to the UK really needs to work for you, and add the most value to your stay.

Things we cannot live without such as clothing, vanity items and a laptop computer tend to be the absolute essential items that all individuals tend to need above all else when going on their travels.

However have you ever considered other options carefully, such as bringing along a musical instrument? Although it may seem a discretionary item to bring along on your holiday, bringing a musical instrument with you is a great way of making new friends when your on the road. Its a well know fact that if your a great musician, people will be drawn to you playing and out of now where friends can be made anywhere regardless of what new city or destination you visit.

Along with the social benefits taking a musical instrument brings, it can also help subsidise your income in a live in job. A great example of this is through offering guitar lessons to individuals, lots of people are eager to learn how to play guitar. Because it is in so much demand it is easy to get students.

Although their is only a very limited amount of things you can take with you on your trip, taking along a guitar or other musical instrument may be a great option and can great enrich your experience of being in a vibrant country such as the UK.