Staying Connected Whilst Abroad

Whether you are working overseas or running a multinational operation, staying connected whilst abroad is a must in the 21C. The internet and the World Wide Web have made our actual world, seem a whole lot smaller, because we are connected more often, despite the vast distances involved. Instant communications, day or night, between company operatives makes doing business, wherever you are, a hell of a lot easier. Things like intranet and mobile phones have transformed workplaces, allowing customers, staff and other stakeholders to engage productively 24/7. We are no longer limited by geography and we are utilising time and space more efficiently.

Doing A Deal Could Take Months & Years

Imagine what it was like doing business in the days of travel and transport by shipping. Close your eyes and think about when there were no phone lines, no underground cables, just snail mail taken by boats and steam trains. Doing a deal could take months and years to establish. Communicating with manufacturers and suppliers could take a similar amount of time to organise production. The world was definitely a far less productive place, back in the good old days. Staying connected whilst abroad involved lengthy delays between each stage of travel from town to town and nation to nation.

The Wheels of Industry Spin Faster Than Ever Before

Thankfully, our expanding networks have freed us all from such time-consuming restrictions. Instant emails deliver information and orders, which result in sales and other productive movements, for businesses right around the globe. Whether you are purchasing quality herbal medicine or cruelty free liquid lipstick the wheels of industry spin faster than ever before, taking your order right to your door. The sophistication inherent within our consumer society is incredible. At no other time in history has any other civilisation come within cooee of what we have achieved in the 21C.

International Travel No longer a Big Thing

Staying connected whilst abroad affords multiple opportunities in work and in life. Our digital phones keep us connected via text, pictures and live conversations. International travel is no longer the big thing it once was. Paradoxically we have made our lives more prosaic and less exciting via our technology. The amazing has become the hum drum. Travel used to broaden the mind, according to sage wisdom. Now, it merely fills in time with a few different looking faces and the odd strange smell cooking somewhere.