Remote Digital Offices

Few people remember fondly their days where they had to trudge into town, work hour after hour in dehumanizing windowless cubicles where they are merely an ant in the greater colony or an unimportant cog in the mechanism, and with little notice they are quickly replaced. This kind of working environment struggles with morale issues as it is difficult to inspire people who feel like they are simply in a prairie dog colony. However, offices all over the world are beginning to make a titanic shift in the way that offices are laid out. The future of the office as we have known it is almost certainly to be your own home.

As systems of automation make it easier to route phones and reach individuals, it makes little sense for businesses to shell out millions of dollars on office space when you can do the same phone calls, send the same emails, and accomplish the same digital tasks from your home office. If anything truly important needs to be sent manually you can simply print it off and deliver it whenever you go into town next or via a courier. By creating digital offices in remote areas, people can work from home while still working the full eight hours at their job. One of the major benefits of this is the increase in productivity. There is less commute time, less frustration, and working from the comfort of your own home improves morale in many individuals.

As more and more digital marketing agencies outsource jobs, we are going to see the traditional office environment shift. You may well work at a company with thousands of employees but you are likely to never see them. As each of you work on your individualized tasks at home, sending emails, filing paperwork, interacting with customers, or forwarding them to the correct departments either with automated phone service or by directing email enquiries to the right places, advertising agencies are able to do huge amounts of their leg work from their home offices. This saves millions in office equipment, office space rental, and morale building activities. After all, you don’t need to help a morale problem with large groups of individuals when there are no office or morale concerns.

Many individuals dream of being able to work from home and skip the daily commute. Working from home also enables workers to be able to sleep longer, have greater work-life integration and simply be able to enjoy their work more while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own home. The future of the digital office is likely to become at some point the future of most offices as more and more things that can be automated are automated. This will also be true as lowering carbon footprints becomes more important to companies – working from home is going to be a more attractive way to go green, improve morale, save money, lower stress, and improve efficiency in the workforce. Don’t wait until your office is already obsolete to make the switch, and start learning how you can make the shift today.