Jobs Where an Exotic Background is an Advantage

According to statistics, white people have the highest median salary in terms of academic and non-academic jobs. They are followed by the Chinese, Asians and other ethnicities. This is a partial manifestation that international workers are somewhat discriminated based on their race or ethnicities. However, there are lines of work where people of exotic background are preferred.

Modeling and Fashion

CNN reported that the women who appear exotic or multicultural have more gigs compared with white models. In fact, models like Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian, who look ethnic are seen in almost all types of print and digital media.

There are different types of models, as per a modelling website. One of the groups that stands out the most today are those with exotic beauty. One can be classified as such if he/she has exotic facial features. Having a foreign name surely will secure you under this category.

Exotic models are today’s “It Girls.” Some say that this is just a trend that will get out of style once a new fad is introduced. But if you’re going to ask Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School, “the public’s shift in perception of beauty is a sign of times.”

The appreciation for exotic beauty did not happen overnight. Over the years, models who are curvier and darker are only associated with ethnic models. But nowadays, white women undergo cosmetic surgeries for them to look ethnic or exotic. If truth be told, the sales of tanning products and padded underwears increased in the last decade. This just shows the predilection of the public to look ethnic or appear exotic.


If you are a fan of the TV series, the majority of today’s lead characters is either Black, Latinas or Asians. In fact, casting calls for movies or TV shows are more inclined towards the minorities. Among those who already made a mark are Kerry Washington, Sofia Vergara and Viola Davis.

Even in porn, talent scouts favor the looks and skills of Russians, Latinas, Asians and African-Americans. This may be one of the few reasons why some men prefer the services of escorts who have exotic beauty. Not only they look good, but they also do their jobs well.