Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Social media English pubs

Pubs are an integral part of British living. As much as bars are prominent for being functional drinking holes, in Britain, they go beyond this. You’ll find ones that double up as a meeting place, community focal point, entertainment centre, name it, for instance, the Kings and Queens Bar , which last year, got voted as the best Yachting Bar the world over.

Apart from the common tourist attractions such as royals, castles and Shakespeare, popping into some of the pubs will assist you to understand not only the people but what the country is like as well.

British pubs and Social media

British pubs come in all sizes, shapes and styles, traditional country club, real ales and an open fire, bursting city centre hotspots.

Upon visiting the city centers, you’ll come across a wide variety of pubs close to each other with really amazing attractions and drinks such as warm beer and many others. One great example is The Brittania.

British pubs are like any other businesses that social media management has come into play. Most pubs now opt for staff who are not only ambitious, experienced and talented but also experts at social media management.

Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Fortunately, the majority of the lucky people to get these jobs have been Aussie travellers. A perfect example is Alicia who worked for a social media agency in Sydney that also does web design. Her collective experience practising social media management for pubs in Sydney has now enabled her work for prominent and well-respected pubs in Britain ever since she relocated there.

One such pub that has to date really employed such people is the Kings Head Theatre. The pub, founded in 1970, is quite famous with tourists and since Shakespear, it’s the first theatre pub.

Overall, tourism has played big in boosting the popularity and performance of British Pubs. But more important to them now is how, as we’ve observed, they can be able to make optimum use of social media.

Interestingly, the fantastic performance by Alicia in social media management in Sydney has paid off. She is just one among the few lucky ones. However, you can as well be part of this. Be sure to check out job listings for pubs in UK.

Oisin Rogers, the current manager at Young Pub is a living proof of the power of social media in driving sales. He claims it all began with a tweet. Sooner than he thought, customers were trooping in from all around the world. Apparently, hordes of Japanese tourist visit the place, order a drink or meal, take a photo of it and then leave.

Looking at such examples, it’s quite clear the power social media has. Today, an increasing number of pubs are harnessing the opportunity and some even consider it a vital aspect for success in business today.