Have a great time in the UK

With the cost of rental and accommodation in London being extreme (almost as bad as Sydney) it makes sense for young Australians looking to live out their travel dreams to seek out live in jobs.

Though the salary might be less than other forms of employment, at least the cost of living is reduced – and the hassle of applying for rentals and breaking leases etc is also substantially diminished.

Typical live in jobs common to the UK and Ireland are live-in hotel jobs, pub jobs, nanny jobs (sometimes called au pair),

home care jobs, live-in cleaning services jobs for wealthy mansion owners, among many others – it all comes down to the situation, both of the employer and employee.

This website will help you find that common ground between host/employer and lodger/employee.

Our spiritual totem throughout this project is Mary Poppins – the fictional nanny superstar of live-in workers.

Staying Connected Whilst Abroad

Whether you are working overseas or running a multinational operation, staying connected whilst abroad is a must in the 21C. The internet and the World Wide Web have made our actual world, seem a whole lot smaller, because we are connected more often, despite the vast distances involved. Instant communications, day or night, between company operatives makes doing business, wherever you are, a hell of a lot easier. Things like intranet and mobile phones have transformed workplaces, allowing customers, staff and other stakeholders to engage productively 24/7. We are no longer limited by geography and we are utilising time and space more efficiently.

Doing A Deal Could Take Months & Years

Imagine what it was like doing business in the days of travel and transport by shipping. Close your eyes and think about when there were no phone lines, no underground cables, just snail mail taken by boats and steam trains. Doing a deal could take months and years to establish. Communicating with manufacturers and suppliers could take a similar amount of time to organise production. The world was definitely a far less productive place, back in the good old days. Staying connected whilst abroad involved lengthy delays between each stage of travel from town to town and nation to nation.

The Wheels of Industry Spin Faster Than Ever Before

Thankfully, our expanding networks have freed us all from such time-consuming restrictions. Instant emails deliver information and orders, which result in sales and other productive movements, for businesses right around the globe. Whether you are purchasing quality herbal medicine or cruelty free liquid lipstick the wheels of industry spin faster than ever before, taking your order right to your door. The sophistication inherent within our consumer society is incredible. At no other time in history has any other civilisation come within cooee of what we have achieved in the 21C.

International Travel No longer a Big Thing

Staying connected whilst abroad affords multiple opportunities in work and in life. Our digital phones keep us connected via text, pictures and live conversations. International travel is no longer the big thing it once was. Paradoxically we have made our lives more prosaic and less exciting via our technology. The amazing has become the hum drum. Travel used to broaden the mind, according to sage wisdom. Now, it merely fills in time with a few different looking faces and the odd strange smell cooking somewhere.

Remote Digital Offices

Few people remember fondly their days where they had to trudge into town, work hour after hour in dehumanizing windowless cubicles where they are merely an ant in the greater colony or an unimportant cog in the mechanism, and with little notice they are quickly replaced. This kind of working environment struggles with morale issues as it is difficult to inspire people who feel like they are simply in a prairie dog colony. However, offices all over the world are beginning to make a titanic shift in the way that offices are laid out. The future of the office as we have known it is almost certainly to be your own home.

As systems of automation make it easier to route phones and reach individuals, it makes little sense for businesses to shell out millions of dollars on office space when you can do the same phone calls, send the same emails, and accomplish the same digital tasks from your home office. If anything truly important needs to be sent manually you can simply print it off and deliver it whenever you go into town next or via a courier. By creating digital offices in remote areas, people can work from home while still working the full eight hours at their job. One of the major benefits of this is the increase in productivity. There is less commute time, less frustration, and working from the comfort of your own home improves morale in many individuals.

As more and more digital marketing agencies outsource jobs, we are going to see the traditional office environment shift. You may well work at a company with thousands of employees but you are likely to never see them. As each of you work on your individualized tasks at home, sending emails, filing paperwork, interacting with customers, or forwarding them to the correct departments either with automated phone service or by directing email enquiries to the right places, advertising agencies are able to do huge amounts of their leg work from their home offices. This saves millions in office equipment, office space rental, and morale building activities. After all, you don’t need to help a morale problem with large groups of individuals when there are no office or morale concerns.

Many individuals dream of being able to work from home and skip the daily commute. Working from home also enables workers to be able to sleep longer, have greater work-life integration and simply be able to enjoy their work more while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own home. The future of the digital office is likely to become at some point the future of most offices as more and more things that can be automated are automated. This will also be true as lowering carbon footprints becomes more important to companies – working from home is going to be a more attractive way to go green, improve morale, save money, lower stress, and improve efficiency in the workforce. Don’t wait until your office is already obsolete to make the switch, and start learning how you can make the shift today.

Jobs Where an Exotic Background is an Advantage

According to statistics, white people have the highest median salary in terms of academic and non-academic jobs. They are followed by the Chinese, Asians and other ethnicities. This is a partial manifestation that international workers are somewhat discriminated based on their race or ethnicities. However, there are lines of work where people of exotic background are preferred.

Modeling and Fashion

CNN reported that the women who appear exotic or multicultural have more gigs compared with white models. In fact, models like Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian, who look ethnic are seen in almost all types of print and digital media.

There are different types of models, as per a modelling website. One of the groups that stands out the most today are those with exotic beauty. One can be classified as such if he/she has exotic facial features. Having a foreign name surely will secure you under this category.

Exotic models are today’s “It Girls.” Some say that this is just a trend that will get out of style once a new fad is introduced. But if you’re going to ask Dr. Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School, “the public’s shift in perception of beauty is a sign of times.”

The appreciation for exotic beauty did not happen overnight. Over the years, models who are curvier and darker are only associated with ethnic models. But nowadays, white women undergo cosmetic surgeries for them to look ethnic or exotic. If truth be told, the sales of tanning products and padded underwears increased in the last decade. This just shows the predilection of the public to look ethnic or appear exotic.


If you are a fan of the TV series, the majority of today’s lead characters is either Black, Latinas or Asians. In fact, casting calls for movies or TV shows are more inclined towards the minorities. Among those who already made a mark are Kerry Washington, Sofia Vergara and Viola Davis.

Even in porn, talent scouts favor the looks and skills of Russians, Latinas, Asians and African-Americans. This may be one of the few reasons why some men prefer the services of escorts who have exotic beauty. Not only they look good, but they also do their jobs well.

Chiropractic On The Job Training In The UK


The use of chiropractic services is widespread. It is estimated that doctors of chiropractic treat more than 30 million people annually.

In Australia alone, more than 12 million visits to chiropractors have been recorded each year, and over 1 million of these visits are paediatric visits according to a report.

Chiropractic care is a more natural form of healthcare and it’s one of the safest medical treatments we have today. Most people think that it’s just for back or neck pain, but it’s so much more than that. If you’ve never seen a chiropractor or never had a chiropractic adjustment before, it’s just natural that you may have some questions and concerns. Properly understanding how it works and how it can help you will give you a clearer vision.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a properly trained and licensed individual who practices chiropractic alternative medicine, a holistic approach which helps relieve a patient’s pain without surgery or medication. He or she specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the focus is on the spine, nervous system and the body’s own healing powers. A chiropractor will find the underlying cause of the problem so you can feel and function better, and at the same time, stop you from recreating the problems in the future.

Chiropractors treat pain plus a wide range of other conditions which are believed to be related to the mis-alignments of the spine. By manipulating joints, bones and soft tissues, they can help clients control pain and restore the mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury due to a traumatic event or repetitive stress.

Other conditions treated by a chiropractor include:

In the UK, there are chiropractor apprenticeship programmes and on the job trainings available which can help one get what they want from their career. By being a chiropractor apprentice, one has the advantage to:

— be mentored and work under the care and guidance of an experienced and qualified chiropractor

— gain experience, confidence and responsibility for career progression

— learn business skills and how to actually run a practice

— keep skills and knowledge up to date for continued professional development

— learn different techniques from difficult cases and learning how to solve them

— learn how to give their patients an exceptional experience

The role and effectiveness of chiropractic care is not to be denied. It’s no surprise then that more people become interested in chiropractic education as the profession continues to become more mainstream and integrated.

Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

The live-in job makes a great deal of economic sense. You do not have to travel to work, which means that you are not paying fares or fuel money. In many cases meals are also provided on-the-job, which is another valuable saving. Live-in jobs are also, generally, more intense, quite simply, because you never get away from the job. As long as you love it, it can be a match made in heaven. The repetitive motion live-in job can be a pain, not in the arse usually, it is far more common in the back.

Bending over for prolonged periods of time, as in the case of non-mechanical grape pickers, can result in severe back pain. Live-in jobs are quite often repetitive tasks, because they need to offer the value added extras to make this attractive to prospective employees. The live-in handyman or handywoman can also suffer from repetitive motion back pain, especially when they are sanding floors, polishing or fixing things down low. Plumbers, also quite commonly experience back pain from repetitive motion tasks like digging, wrenching and affixing pipes. Carpenters, are another trade, which can suffer from back pain through intense repetitive tasks.

Repetitive-motion Live-in Jobs May Cause Back Pain

What can one do to avoid or lessen the suffering caused by these repetitive motion jobs? Generally, getting up and moving about regularly can make a big difference; getting the blood to flow around the body. It is your circulation that usually becomes restricted through these repetitive tasks. Taking regular breaks, and doing a bit of stretching, can make the world of difference. Sometimes, especially when new at a job, we tend to overcompensate and perform beyond our normal levels of output to impress our new employers. When in fact, they would prefer your longevity in the role, than someone who burns out too quickly.

You can also get treatment for your repetitive motion injury. Back pain relief is available from health care professionals like osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists. These trained professionals will provide you with the best solution and advice to avoid further injury from the kind of work you are doing. This in itself is as valuable as the cure. We must train ourselves to work in a new way, employing methods and techniques that will not cause injury to ourselves. Working in harmony with our physical bodies is as important as getting the job done.

Enlightened Corporate Practices More Commonplace in the UK?


The objective of public companies has been debated for many years in many countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia. In the past the shareholders’ interest is at the forefront in the minds of the directors. The company’s objective used to be to maximise the interest of the shareholders above any other interested parties who might have claims against the company. This approach provides the best way of securing overal prosperity and welfare for the organisation. This principle applies for most companies located in the Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction, such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United States.

Increased scrutiny from the public and stakeholders have put pressure on the companies to consider their objective and become more socially and environmentally responsible. This leads to the development of enlightened shareholder value approach, which states that directors are obliged to take proper account to sustain effective relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and others to consider the impact of its operation on the community and the environment. The objective of public companies were redefined to include social service role, aside from making profits for the shareholders, they also have responsibilities to the employees, customers, the general public and the environment.

On October 2009, The Companies Act 2006 became a law in the UK. The law codified for the first time the duties of company directors to consider the community and the environment, the interest of employees and to be fair to the shareholders in promoting the success of the company. The TCA put some pressures on the directors by requiring them to have regard to the community and the environmental issues when performing their duty to promote company success. Risk assessment not only covers financial risks but also those related to safety, health and environmental, reputation and business integrity issues.

Enlightened corporate practices became more  commonplace in the UK, setting a good example to the world. The government sponsors a corporate social performance website which states its ambitious vision for UK businesses to consider the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities, wherever they operate in the world. Most companies are now keen to talk about corporate social responsibility in their annual reports, and many believe that complying with CSR guidelines is a commercial necessity as it makes a good financial sense.

The Charity Business in the Community has more than 850 of the UK’s top companies all committed to improving their positive impact on the society and the environment. It publishes a Corporate Responsibility Index, which measures company performance in terms of how well the companies apply CSR values to their business. CSR goes beyond looking to making more money but include a wider commitment to building a better society. This can be seen reflected in the actual business practices or through other activities like charitable donations or volunteering projects.

The best practices for business today is to become environmentally and socially sustainable. Most companies these days include a statement on corporate social responsibility on their company strategy. A good example is the ACM Group, this statement can be found on their website: “The ACM Group Management is dedicated to making sure they are capable of conducting their work in an ethical manner and will always be happy to receive any comments you may have about your experience.”

The key drivers of corporate social responsibility in the world include consumer demand, staff retention, cost management, building brand and because it’s the right thing to do. The majority of businesses in the UK are involved with local charities, either through donating money, products, services or their time. Aside from these, businesses are also working for ways to reduce their environmental impact by calculating the carbon footprint of their business operations.

The benefits of adopting corporate social responsibility are becoming more tangible in the UK. Companies that have environmentally and socially sustainable business practices get tax relief on charitable activity. Lower energy bills due to efficiency measures were introduce benefiting green companies. Adopting to CSR offers many cost benefits, but the most interesting to see is that British businesses are more reactive in their approach and most of them are largely responding to stakeholders’ needs. Complying to CSR makes businesses thought leaders and gave them an edge to unlocking their potential for growth in the crowded marketplace.

Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK

The UK, and London in particular, is an exciting place to live and work. Jobs for Australian Asians in the UK are fairly numerous with lots of Asian businesses in the hospitality sector. Of course, if you have qualifications in any specialised field, whether it be accounting, banking, medicine, engineering or IT you can get a good job in the UK. London and the UK are linked to Europe through the EU, and globally through the sheer size of the British economy. It is the fifth largest national economy in the world, as adjudged through nominal GDP.

The UK is a Mecca for tourists from around the world; everyone wants to see where western civilisation flowered and where the once all powerful British Empire came from. There is so much history in London, dating back to Roman times, ancient buildings and castles cover these isles. The UK is also Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; places with their own unique rich histories. Aussie Asians, like everybody else, are interested in the roots of western commerce and culture. Tourism also means jobs, of course, and a chance to live and work in a bustling metropolis.

Look around in London, and the other major cities in the UK, and you see people from all over the world, visiting and living in the UK. There will be Asian Australians working in sushi bars, and as sushi chefs, and as bar persons in karaoke bars. England loves the Japanese style of entertainment and its cities and towns are populated with these yummy and fun places. Everyone adores getting drunk and belting out a song or two; from Glasgow to Devon, from Leicester to Belfast, and all spots in-between.

The English also love Chinese food, Indian food, Korean food and just about every kind of Asian restaurant or food hall experience. Asian food has conquered the western world with its unique flavours and spices. Traditional British food can be a bit bland and many locals prefer the Asian alternative. A curry, a kebab, or a Chinese banquet or two; the orient provides the British public with great choice in their culinary fare.

There are extremely talented Asians plying their trade in the English Premier League or EPL. Players from Korea, Japan and other Asian teams, have made their mark on the round ball game. As Asia and Australia continue to embrace football; we will only see more players grace these shores.


More Mechanics needed in the UK for live in jobs

In recent weeks UK Mechanics have seen a surge in business due to the quantity of car checkups required by Volkswagen car owners. Many owners are unsure if they are eligible or not to join the VW class action against the internationally known car company.

Throughout December and January it is expected that Mechanic shops throughout the UK will need more mechanics at hand to fill the orders by customers.

As a UK live in job entity we are looking at ways that this demand will be filled by the market place. Our suggestion would be for mechanic enterprises
to take on board live in job staff from places such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

What better way to handle a temporary surge in business as too enlist enthusiastic young mechanics who can serve your customers and also assisting them with their car issues in particular Volkswagen vehicles.

According to the compensation lawyer VW Class Action case that Volkswagen is facing, all cars that were produced by the company between 2008 and 2015 have some kind of underlining fault attached to them. We recommend mechanics who are familiar with Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Audi’s. They will be dealing these models of car often, so it is important to have a well rounded background knowledge on the subject.

According to authorities on the subject up too 800,000 cars world wide are effected by the faulty nature of the engines that are emitting understated carbon-dioxide readings. A large proportion of the faulty cars are owned by people in Britain.

To all the Mechanics Shops who are considering having a UK live in employee working at your business you are required to have a spare room, shower facilities and a kitchen that your employees will have continual access to throughout their stay at your business. In return you will receive individuals with great skills and vigour to do odd jobs around the mechanic shop while at affordable labour cost and take full advantage of the extra cash you can bring in this summer due to this one off event that has resulted in more business to your mechanic workshop.

Locksmith Apprenticeships in the British Midlands


The locksmithing profession has been around for centuries. The primary role of a locksmith is to fit and repair all types of locks, latches and security devices for homes, business and automobiles. Some locksmiths fit sophisticated security systems like closed-circuit television and electronic access systems. Locksmithing professionals is estimated to be 3,000 in the UK, majority of them are traders owning small business. Locksmithing is a long term career and it takes years to learn the knowledge required. Completing a locksmith training course is the most vital step in becoming a professional locksmith. You need to have an interest in lock and key system plus customer service skills to succeed in this profession.

Services offered by locksmiths:
Domestic – Key duplication and 24-hour emergency lock out service. Change locks to protect family members and belongings. Security system installation, repair and security upgrades.
Car – auto locksmithing service include replacement of car key, mending and replacing ignition.
Safe engineers – professional locksmiths are qualified to service safes and electronic devices for vaults and bank teller equipment.
Commercial – locksmiths can service access control and alarm system for businesses of any size and industries.

Locksmiths often give advice on security and safety issues. A locksmith needs a high level of technical skill and expert knowledge of a wide range of lock assemblies and security devices.

It is difficult to buy professional locksmith tools without a locksmith certification. Make sure you receive your certification from a reputable training centre to be recognised by locksmith tool suppliers. If the police found you in possession of locksmith tools and you cannot prove that you are a locksmith then you could face criminal prosecution.

There is an increasing number of 2-3 day unregulated locksmithing courses across the country, wannabe locksmiths should consider the training courses before signing up. Locksmith apprenticeship helps to formalize the locksmithing profession. Locksmith apprenticeship in the British Midlands takes at least 12 months to make you fully qualified. Formal apprenticeship would provide appropriate training and stop unqualified people to set themselves up as trainers.

There is an intermediate level apprenticeship for locksmiths in England. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. You can become an apprentice if you are 16 years old and older, eligible to work in England and not in full-time education. There is a funding available for apprenticeship. For 16 – 18 years old the course is fully funded. 19 years old and older apprenticeship is part funded with 50% employer contribution.

There is still no nationally recognized qualification in locksmithing. The only one that exists is the level 2 qualification which is currently offered through HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) as the awarding body. This regulated qualification has been designed with employers and trade bodies to provide apprentices with the skills required to work in the Locksmith sector. In order to achieve the HABC Level 2 Certificate in Locksmithing (QCF) apprentice must achieve five units in mandatory group and a range of optional units to include a minimum of 31 credits overall.

The earning potential for locksmith is very lucrative as you set your prices and your availability. Apprentice can start at around £13,000 a year. Earnings can range from £14,000 to over £25,000 with experience. You may be able to start your locksmithing career by taking Locksmithing Apprenticeship from MLA Master Locksmiths Association which is recognized as the authoritative body for locksmithing by the police. The MLA qualifications are recognized throughout the industry. You could also try contacting local locksmithing companies if they can take you on and train you on the job.

Racehorse training live-in-jobs in the UK


Horse racing is an equestrian sport which is one of the most ancient of all sports. Races differ in format depending on countries and racing traditions. Horse racing offer exciting social and communal live experience, fashion, celebrity and gambling. Race events bring bloggers, celebrities and social media influencers together. A horse race is the culmination of the work of organisations and a huge number of people.

Horse racing is a high-risk, high-stakes activity that draws even the super-rich  betting on likely contenders. All bookmakers now offer betting promotions and offers to existing and new customers. Betting bonuses and Free Bets from the corporate bookmakers is now common practice which is good news for the novice to give it a try. A stablehand in England won $1.5 million on a $75 bet and became a stable owner. So, grab all the bonus free bets you can to give yourself a bigger edge in making better profits and beating the bookie at his own game.

The horse racing industry supports employment in different sectors, the industry sustains over 18,600 full-time jobs. The racecourses employ more than 1,800 staff with more than a hundred additional staff on raceday for catering and betting functions. 2,500 employees work full time on raceday with many thousands employed at different racecourses, there are about 5,000 people working on course at largest race. Whether you want to work directly with horses, live-in jobs or be office based there are many opportunities available in racing directories  posted daily. Browse list of some of the many jobs available in the horse racing industry.

Racehorse training live-in jobs in the UK offer many benefits such as furnished room, free meals, utilities, cable, wi-fi, free board for one horse, living expenses plus salary. Racehorse trainers also called equine trainers work with both people and their animals. They work with horses to prepare them for riders, races, horse shows and trail work. Broad knowledge on horses and strong communication skills are essential for this position. Trainers must have previous professional experience with horses and a proven track record. A racehorse trainer is responsible for training and overseeing horse routines. They work with a barn manager, foreman or stable staff in larger stables. Trainers are required to work long hours and much of their work is done in the morning.

Duties and tasks of a racehorse trainer include:
• Carrying out daily tasks such as feeding, saddling, bridling and grooming horses
• Making horses accustom to racing equipment such as saddles, bridles, harnesses and sulkies
• Plan and supervise nutritional programmes for horses, monitor the health of horses and consult veterinarians on injuries and ailments.
• Plan and carry out training programmes for horses
• Supervise jockeys, harness drivers, and other stable staff
• Support the training of drivers, track riders and apprentice jockeys in horse riding and horse handling skills
• Plan and select race programmes to get the best placing for a horse
• Advise and consult with horse owners
• Attend race meetings or other horse-related events

Bringing a musical instrument with you while working in a live in job

Woman playing guitar on the beach


Planning a year abroad working in the UK… Bring your guitar 🙂

One of the painful facts that becomes apparent when traveling abroad is that you have to decide carefully what to bring with you on your extended holiday. Unfortunately rationalising what you bring can come down to how much luggage you are able to take with you.

Depending on which country your originally from the luggage criteria can vary greatly. In Australia individuals tend to only be able to bring along 20KG suite case plus 7KG carry on luggage, where else if your coming to the UK via an American airline the luggage allowance can be between 50KG – 70KG of luggage.

As you can imagine both of these options really do not leave much scope for bringing along all the comforts and familiar items that you use on a daily basis back home. Because of this burdening fact of life, what you bring with you to the UK really needs to work for you, and add the most value to your stay.

Things we cannot live without such as clothing, vanity items and a laptop computer tend to be the absolute essential items that all individuals tend to need above all else when going on their travels.

However have you ever considered other options carefully, such as bringing along a musical instrument? Although it may seem a discretionary item to bring along on your holiday, bringing a musical instrument with you is a great way of making new friends when your on the road. Its a well know fact that if your a great musician, people will be drawn to you playing and out of now where friends can be made anywhere regardless of what new city or destination you visit.

Along with the social benefits taking a musical instrument brings, it can also help subsidise your income in a live in job. A great example of this is through offering guitar lessons to individuals, lots of people are eager to learn how to play guitar. Because it is in so much demand it is easy to get students.

Although their is only a very limited amount of things you can take with you on your trip, taking along a guitar or other musical instrument may be a great option and can great enrich your experience of being in a vibrant country such as the UK.

Can RPL Recognised Prior Learning Qualification Help You Get a Live-in Job?


Have you ever thought about finding a live-in job? Live-in jobs offer many benefits such as free food and accommodation. That means you don’t have to worry about rent or utilities, with low living expenses you can save a lot in short period. Save time and gas from commute, you don’t have to drive to and from work every day. Eliminating time on the road reduces an enormous amount of stress.

Companies sometimes require live-in staff to have certain qualification in order to be considered for employment, promotion or pay increase. Can a recognized prior learning qualification help you get a live-in job? To save you starting at the bottom, get recognized for what you already know. Recognised Prior Learning or RPL is a process specifically designed to give people the official nationally recognised educational credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through work, training, voluntary positions and life experience. There is no study required, no college attendance, no exams. RPL uses the evidence you provided to prove your skills, you need not be examined because you are using them on a daily basis. RPL can result in a full qualification, or a statement of attainment for partial completion of a qualification. RPl can definitely help you get a live-in job.

How to get RPL

1. Choose a Registered Training Organisation which is authorised to grant RPL to your chosen competency or course. Meet with an expert assessor to discuss your existing skills and knowledge.

2. Download the RPL Toolkit that outlines the evidence you need to provide to prove your competency and skills. Here’s a list of evidence that you need to submit to support the process:
• Resume or work history
• Certificates of completed courses
• References from employers outlining your responsibilities
• Letters from clients
• Evaluations from supervisors/ performance appraisals
• Site training records
• Projects or work examples
• Pay slips
• Awards and prizes

The evidence portfolio must contain evidence which verifies the authenticity of the content. It needs to be authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient.

3. RPL Interview – Submit your application to the RPL assessor and discuss RPL evidence portfolio. Your assessor will identify if your evidence is sufficient to determine competency for the qualification you need. If the assessor determines that there is a skill gap greater that 10%, you will be referred to gap training options. If your skill gap is less than 10% you can progress to the next stage.

4. Practical Assessment – after you provide the sufficient evidence, the assessor will come and observe you at the workplace or a simulated environment. It is not mandatory for all RPL candidates to do a practical assessment if their evidence portfolio is sufficient.

5. The assessor will talk to your supervisor or employer to discuss your work and validate your evidence portfolio.

6. You will be awarded a result of Recognition of Prior Learning if you satisfactorily completed the assessment tasks. Unsatisfactory completion requires a consultation with the assessor to discuss the best approach for successful completion.
Gaining a qualification will boost your self-esteem, confidence and sense of accomplishment because your skills are fully confirmed and validated. Adding qualifications to your resume will open the doors for promotion, increase pay and career opportunities.

Administrative tasks and responsibilities of being a carer for the elderly while having a live in job

Many individuals approach us with their experiences working in live in jobs throughout the UK. Often individuals take up a position because they have a passion and or interest in the line of work that is on offer.

Yet one career choice that really stands out above all else is working with the elderly. Working with the elderly requires a special type of person who can commit and dedicate themselves with making the lives of the elderly more safe and secure offering dignity and joy.

Administrative tasks and responsibilities of being a carer for the elderly can vary from place to place. Allot of the time the elderly that take on live job carers also utilize other in home services such as cleaners, electricians, plumbers, psychotherapists, doctors and dentists. As a live carer along with providing company for the elderly you are also required to administrate the different in home services that the elder schedule within their calendars.

Usually once a week a cleaner will come to the home and offer cleaning services which usually means every thing from spotless cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen area to dusting and vacuuming the entire house. Your responsibility on a day to day basis usually include taking out the garbage, cleaning the dishes and cooking dinner.

It is important to keep a healthy and clean environment for elderly people due to their immune systems tending to be lower and less resilient than young people. It is your responsibility to be aware of the need to always keep a clean environment when caring and living within these quarters. It can be allot of work at times, yet what many individuals that approach us say it that it is very rewarding and they learn allot from being around elderly people and given the opportunity to they would do it again.

On occasion the elderly will also invite psychotherapists over to their homes to assist them with deconstructing their life story so that they can find out from a psychotherapy point of view where they experienced success in life and where they could of further improve themselves. One location in particular that is world class for these services is Sydney psychotherapy community groups that meet every six weeks.

Usually before you enter the job their will be a schedule that has already been organized that can aid you in your efforts, until you get the hang of thing we have support people that you can contact who can give you advice and help trouble shoot the tasks when starting out as a carer.

Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Social media English pubs

Pubs are an integral part of British living. As much as bars are prominent for being functional drinking holes, in Britain, they go beyond this. You’ll find ones that double up as a meeting place, community focal point, entertainment centre, name it, for instance, the Kings and Queens Bar , which last year, got voted as the best Yachting Bar the world over.

Apart from the common tourist attractions such as royals, castles and Shakespeare, popping into some of the pubs will assist you to understand not only the people but what the country is like as well.

British pubs and Social media

British pubs come in all sizes, shapes and styles, traditional country club, real ales and an open fire, bursting city centre hotspots.

Upon visiting the city centers, you’ll come across a wide variety of pubs close to each other with really amazing attractions and drinks such as warm beer and many others. One great example is The Brittania.

British pubs are like any other businesses that social media management has come into play. Most pubs now opt for staff who are not only ambitious, experienced and talented but also experts at social media management.

Social Media Live-in Jobs in English Pubs

Fortunately, the majority of the lucky people to get these jobs have been Aussie travellers. A perfect example is Alicia who worked for a social media agency in Sydney that also does web design. Her collective experience practising social media management for pubs in Sydney has now enabled her work for prominent and well-respected pubs in Britain ever since she relocated there.

One such pub that has to date really employed such people is the Kings Head Theatre. The pub, founded in 1970, is quite famous with tourists and since Shakespear, it’s the first theatre pub.

Overall, tourism has played big in boosting the popularity and performance of British Pubs. But more important to them now is how, as we’ve observed, they can be able to make optimum use of social media.

Interestingly, the fantastic performance by Alicia in social media management in Sydney has paid off. She is just one among the few lucky ones. However, you can as well be part of this. Be sure to check out job listings for pubs in UK.

Oisin Rogers, the current manager at Young Pub is a living proof of the power of social media in driving sales. He claims it all began with a tweet. Sooner than he thought, customers were trooping in from all around the world. Apparently, hordes of Japanese tourist visit the place, order a drink or meal, take a photo of it and then leave.

Looking at such examples, it’s quite clear the power social media has. Today, an increasing number of pubs are harnessing the opportunity and some even consider it a vital aspect for success in business today.

Life as a Psychic Gypsy: A Nomadic Live-In Job

Life as a Psychic Gypsy

Gypsies’ connection to fortune telling dates back to the time of Persian invasion. It’s quite an ancient practice. Nowadays, most of them are popular for their psychic ability, as well as their ability to condemn life with a curse.

Meet Kim, a psychic gypsy who started in Australia but later moved to the UK. Right from her birth, the abilities were inherent and through contact with nature, they’ve now been enhanced and apparently, she boasts great powers, in addition to an intimate relationship with the spirits.

Kim uses special techniques, which don’t require the use of any machine to display her psychic abilities. Much of what she’s been able to perform all over Australia has accorded her immense respect.

We all experience a variety of lessons as we chase our sacred dream. Along the way, we feel joy, sorrow, excitement and adventure as well, all of them products of what physical life hands to us. However, along the way, we’ll also experience guilt, self-doubt, and utter confusion. Kim, through her abilities, has been able to awaken answers to such aspects, which adds to her popularity as a psychic gypsy.

Recently, Kim moved to the UK. While there, she was lucky to get a job which involved her traveling to new age festivals all over the entire country. While travelling in her caravan, Kim managed to attend recent festivals such as Insight Fairs, Spiritual Flow Events, Health and healing festivals , to name but a few.

Normally, attending such a festival can be quite an eye-opening experience. You will have the opportunity to wake up psychic abilities, explore alternative, as well as holistic options for boosting spiritual and mental well-being.

While there, Kim did assist people with mental and spiritual cleansing and also did a host of other related stuff such as massage therapy, tarot readings, astrology readings, palm reading, name it.

The festivals provide an opportunity to mind, body and spirit exhibitors a chance to showcase their numerous gifts and talents. Kim, through the festivals, has had an opportunity to sit with several people and demonstrate to them her diverse psychic abilities.

Back in Australia, she still attended the Mbs Festival, which is also another fun and exciting mind, body and spirit festival that also includes a psychic booth for the likes of Kim to showcase their special abilities.

In the end, it has all been a wonderful experience. Life as a Psychic gypsy for Kim has been splendid and full of breathtaking adventures. For her, she wholeheartedly appreciates the gift of physic ability and strongly recommends others to also discover their natural gifts.

In London & Searching For a Search Engine Job?

London SEO job

Are you in London and probably looking out for a SEO company where you can build your career? A place where you’ll get new skills; work with a talented, friendly and supportive team; work in nice offices with increasing job opportunities for Australians as well as many other foreigners? Well, here is a list of 12 SEO companies in London you can talk to and they’ll be glad to discuss about your career.

#1 Built Visible

Built visible is a fast growing London SEO agency with interesting packages for all their employees. Regardless of where you come from, so long as you indeed qualify and match the job description, then you are as good as hired. Some of the packages they offer include:

• Vitality health cover
• 25 holidays a year
• Excellent paternity and maternity leave options
• On-site training classes
• Flexible working hours and many more other packages

Find out more about the company by visiting https://builtvisible.com/ and clicking on the career section.

#2 Polaris

In 2009, Polaris started to develop into a distinct entity, providing SEO services to clients outside London. After consistent growth outside London, the company relocated to London and now, they carry out their operations from there.

Polaris continues to dominate the SEO market in London and this expansion has necessitated the need to find more SEO experts. Visit their about us section at http://www.polarisagency.co.uk/ to contact the company and find out more details about the jobs available.

#3 Technology Uprising

Ever since its inception in 2005, Technology uprising has continued to grow and now not only boasts a host of SEO professionals from all over the world, but it’s also the leading SEO company in London.

It’s been privileged of hardworking, enthusiastic and innovative employees and still continues to hire more due to its high growth rate.

Since they boast of clients all over the world including Australia, it makes for a great place to find out more about the opportunity to work with them. Check out http://technology-uprising.com/seo-company-london/ for more details.

#4 Verve search

Verse search is a top UK digital media agency specialising in online marketing and consulting.

Verve is growing rapidly and apparently it’s on the look out for passionate and talented individuals. Currently, it boasts of a team from 13 different countries fluent in 14 different languages.

All you have to do work with Verve search is visit http://www.vervesearch.com/about-us/careers/ and be sure to get in touch with the company.

#5 Avenue digital

Avenue, a digital marketing agency based in London, is anchored on creativity and excellence and still continues to look out for a creative team to assist it further their ambitions.

Do you boast of sufficient digital know-how and have the ambition to provide better connections between businesses and their audience? Well, visit http://www.avenuedigital.co.uk/careers/ and find out more.

#6 Total Media

Total media is among the top UK’s independent media agencies. It specialises in launching as well as growing brands.

The company’s focuses on delivering real as well as significant growth for their client’s brands and services. They provide exceptional SEO service and consultancy as well.

Discover more about the company and careers available by visiting http://www.totalmedia.co.uk/who-we-are/careers.

#7 Found

Over the years, Found has built a great reputation and is now being recognised as one of the best places to work.

Having worked in Australia for a while as a SEO consultant and now based in London, I can without a doubt confirm to you that London is a fantastic place not only to stay but for SEO experts as well.

The company, for instance, offers an environment that appreciates great talent and innovation from all around the world.

Found boasts a host of other amazing packages for their employees. Find out more about it by visiting https://www.found.co.uk/about-found/careers/.

#8 DubSEO’s

DubSEO has over the years enjoyed considerable success as exclusive SEO providers all over London.

It continues to win over more clients through their efficient and top SEO services and to keep up with the trend, they continue to hire experts all over the world.

Contact DubSEO today at http://www.dubseo.co.uk/contact.php and find more details about their job offers.

#9 Digivate

Digivate is a digital company recognised as a leader in SEO services in London.

The company has a team of experts from around the world and still continues to look out for talented professionals who will assist them maximize client revenues.

Are you looking forward to developing your career and expanding your experience withing a dynamic and creative environment? Well, get in touch with https://www.digivate.com/meet-the-team/work-for-us/.

#10 Grapefruit Marketing

Grapefruit is a popular SEO company in London that takes a professional approach when it comes to search engine optimization.
The company provides SEO consulting as well as management services for clients not only in London but across the UK and the entire world.
To find out how you can join their team and be part of the movement visit http://www.thegrapefruit.co.uk/contact-us/ and be sure to contact them.

#11 Kd Web digital thinking

Ever since its inception, kd company has been committed to providing excellent and innovative digital projects done by their qualified and experienced staff.

Thus, they prioritize in utilizing exceptional individuals well qualified in their respective fields to deal with their various projects

If you boast of good experience and qualifications, get in touch with the company today http://www.kdweb.co.uk/meet.htm and they’ll be happy to discuss about your career.

#12 JustifyDigital

Justify Digital is a prominent business in the UK and beyond. It’s popular for providing quality SEO services.
With a goal to maximize on the available opportunities across London, the company has and still continues to human resource.

If you would love to be part of their team and feel fit to work with them, then don’t hesitate to contact them at http://www.justifydigital.com/contact-us-2/ and they’ll back to you as soon as possible.

The Challenges of Dating When You Have a Live-In Job



Challenges of Dating Live-In Jobs

Dating can be a challenge to people with live-in jobs. Imagine being out in a nightclub and meeting someone attractive. After some mutual flirting, you want to take her home, but you just can’t because you don’t have a place of your own. This can be a real dilemma which can have a serious impact on a person’s relationship and sex, especially those who are in their lustful twenties and thirties. The need for intimacy is, after all, a pretty basic component of being human.

In a perfect world, you take your date to your place, enjoy your own privacy and have the best sexcapade of your life. But for some who are living-in with their employers, this scenario is hardly ever heard of.

If you’re one of those people, you’re probably wondering where the best options for a snog, or even a full-blown sex session could be.

Well, it turns out that a lot of people are just as inventive when it comes to these kinds of situations. For some, doing it in a dark back alleyway or private toilets may be good enough. Others have a thing for privacy and discreetness and find that a cemetery or parklands are much better choices.

In Tokyo and Seoul you can find Love Hotels or Motels, a type of short-stay hotel where couples can live out their erotic desires. Love hotels offers short stay or pay-per-hour rates as well as overnight stays. It’s the perfect place for trysts, young lovers and even parents who want to get away to have some sensual privacy.

Some of the best love hotels in Tokyo are Hotel Atlas www.hotel-atlas.jp, Hotel Famy www.famy.co.jp and Hotel Geihinkan www.hotel-geihinkan.com. You can also check out Seoul’s love hotels such as Mate Hotel and Chezlee Palace www.chezleepalace.com.

Singles dating in London and Manchester need not worry because love hotels are also available in these areas. Check out the Parisian website Dayuse Hotel www.dayuse-hotels.com which allows you to hire out nice hotel rooms for a few hours in the day, at much cheaper rates than the nightly price – thus fitting in with the post-recession requirements of many Londoners.

Love hotels are probably the best solution to the lack of personal space that is the norm for people with live-in jobs. You simply book for a few hours, do some snogging on the lift and have the best sex you could ever have in the privacy of your own room… at least for a few hours.

Financial Help For Low Paid Workers in the UK

financial help loans

According to a prominent think tank in the UK, young workers in the UK and beyond have very little funds in their bank accounts. In fact, following a prolonged decline in incomes, most of them are now vulnerable to higher Interest rates.

Another report by SMF also indicated that 26-35 year-olds have suffered a 36 percent drop in savings i.e ₤ 461 to ₤ 296, since 2005. In addition, most are now weighed down by debt, i.e. mortgages, car loans, and other liabilities. This and other similar reports clearly indicate younger workers in the UK are financially insecure with a great portion boasting a bad credit report.

So, in an effort to address the situation, various financial Institutions currently offer financial help aimed specifically at this group.

Here’s a list of 12 of them dedicated to ensuring the said workers are able to access financial assistance.

#1 TotallyMoney.com

Here’s another UK’s top loan provider for people with low wages and poor credit history. Getting an ordinary loan when you have poor credit history or lack anything else that can be secured against the loan has proven difficult for many people. Have street lenders rejected your application for a personal loan, guarantor loan, homeowner loan, installment loan or logbook loan? Don’t fret. Contact https://www.totallymoney.com/ today.

#2 Capital One

At Capital one, everyone has access to credit. Credit cards are essential in our everyday life. However, if your credit history is wanting, things can be a bit difficult for you. Capital One secured card will assist you get started on this and make things a lot easier for you. Find out more about them by visiting their website http://www.capitalone.co.uk/aboutus/who-are-capital-one.jsf.

#3 Halifax

Looking for a perfect partner to assist you escape the debt treadmill? A debt consolidation loan from Halifax might be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Here, you can exchange your monthly installments for a single, cheap, friendly and manageable loan. Take care of your financial situation right now by visiting their site http://www.halifax.co.uk/loans/what-you-can-borrow-for/debt-consolidation/ to find out more.

#4 London Community Credit Union

The institution provides affordable credit to the London community. They have considerably cheap loans compared to many other providers, and many other benefits as well. In case your situation changes, you can still negotiate with them on repayment terms. Learn more about them and apply for their loans online today by clicking http://www.londoncu.com/loans-2/.

#5 Australian Lending Center

If you are an Aussie worker and you prefer dealing with a financial institution back home in Sydney, then this is where you need to turn to. They offer a wide range of services ( click https://www.australianlendingcentre.com.au/ to view) including debt consolidation, bad credit loans, personal and business loans all at competitive rates. In addition, the applications are fast and flexible.

#6 Mortgage Wise Financial

At Mortgage Wise Financial, you have plenty of choices spanning from debt consolidation to mortgage products suitable for your needs and expectation. The service is quick, personalized and at no fee. In case you are wondering where to turn to for a debt consolidation mortgage, be sure to contact mortgage wise financial by clicking http://www.mortgagewisefinancial.com

#7 Money Super Market

Is your property repossessed? And your wage not enough to get you through this? Well, you may be finding a way to avoid trouble and at this point a debt consolidation loan can come handy. The institution has plenty of money options( click http://www.moneysupermarket.com/money/ to view). Most of the options are aimed at streamlining your debt obligations. Why not contact them today and find a solution to all your concerns?

#8 Pounds to Pocket

The main aim for Pound to Pocket is to assist hard working individuals meet their financial obligations with trustworthy credit. They offer their customers a personal loan option designed to cater to each borrower’s unique financial situation. Here, customers can select a loan that suits their needs and expectations without straining the ability to repay. Visit their website https://www.poundstopocket.co.uk/cash-loans/cash-loans-uk.html to learn more.

#9 Maxcroft

Maxcroft is a well established financial institution serving London and the larger UK. They specialize in providing unsecured loans to tenants, homeowners and overall, to people with low wages as seen on their site https://www.maxcroft.co.uk/. Each application is considered on an individual basis and the loans can be issued in cash on the same day. Click

#10 Midland Credit

Regardless of your credit history, at http://www.midlandcredit.co.uk/car-loans/bad-credit-car-loan/ you can get approved for a car loan without much hassle. Be it closed accounts, previous bankruptcy, previous repossession, name it, they have options to cater for each person. No matter your situation, the institution can help you obtain a vehicle.

#11 Avantcredit

At https://www.avantcredit.co.uk/, you’ll have personal access to personal installment loans with no collateral required. The loan is effective, especially when consolidating it with a large credit card debt. One other fascinating thing about the loans they offer is that your payment history will always be submitted to credit reporting agencies, which will assist you rebuild your poor credit history in case you have one. Take better control of your finances today with Avantcredit.

#12 Zopa

For the last 6 years running, Zopa has been voted as as the UK’s most trusted loan provider. They offer low rate loans with less interest making it a smart way to take absolute control of your finances. The application is real quick and the service great. Visit http://www.zopa.com/loans/debt-consolidation to find out more.



Do my Australian Qualifications as a Personal Trainer count in the U.K.?


Three women are doing push ups on the grass in the park


Once you have a Live-In job in the UK it is quite possible you may want to look to for work as a Personal Trainer on the side. Several of my friends were able to get Live-In jobs in small villages pubs from where they were able to start little P.T. businesses. Every small village has a ruby or soccer team and they are all based out of the local pub, in fact everything in small villages is based out of the local pub. Often these local teams lack for coaching, especially in areas like sprint training, and so there are opportunities for P.T.s also it is a great way to meet people and get involved in village life.

I do know one or two people who got work in upmarket Hotels on the Channel Coast as Personal Trainers and Pool Attendants. Believe it or not being Australian is a real advantage in the U.K. Hotel market, people see Australian P.T.s as offering something different from local trainers. Although working for a Resort Hotel on the Channel Coast must be regarded as a top gig, I think the reality is that they are a little difficult to come by.

There are several web-sites and companies that help people get Live-In jobs, a few of the better known ones are Workabout, or Global Work and Travel. Please do see this as a recommendation I am merely saying it is quite possible to find work on the Web before you leave for your holiday. Now it might cost a small amount of money to register on a couple of these websites, but the word is small, and you should always be paid directly not through the travel company. Even though you might be considered a back packer you can still use the Department of Work and Pensions to you feel you are being underpaid or are somehow being taken advantage of.

As for working in the larger cities like London I cannot be of much help. Finally you will need a working visa which you must apply for before you leave.

The Best Waste Management Job I Ever Had

waste management job

Over the years now, I have found my estate management job somewhat overwhelmingly desirable. But that never happened overnight. If you are considering a job in the estate management industry, I would encourage you to find out more from my personal experience.

Perhaps this may sound a bit old fashioned but my previous job entirely revolved around working as a dustman for waste management companies. Oftentimes, people will gather their trash up and put it out for the trash collection service to take care of whatever else remains to be done. Now, that’s where I thrived.

Remember, dealing with such waste is not much of a clean job. Let’s just say it’s a shitty task. There’ll be offensive, pungent, choking smells and dirty items you’ll have to take absolute care of. Such, and even worse than that, will actually be inherent in this type of jobs. However, I got used to this. Sooner than I thought, I was doing even better than I thought.

But here’s the other side of the coin. It may be a dirty a job, a headache for not only your family, but you as well. However, at the end of the day you tend to be a savior. Here’s how: You pick up the waste, dispose it off, and eventually save these homeowners and commercial individuals from a host of healthy hazards. Personally, that made me a little more proud as I continued to work with waste management companies.

Life is fair. It will always find a way to reward you. On one particular morning, everything turned around. It was a twilight moment. Fresh from a being a mere dustman, another greater opportunity awaited for me. It was an estate management job. I was destined for a wealthy British Mansion. Honestly, that in itself reeked of nothing but decency and absolute comfort.

Well, let’s forget about rent and whatnots. Here, I would live on the property. Quite frankly, that’s a well sought after package many workers of my caliber wouldn’t give second thought about.

The lingering effects I experienced in my former job were no more. Okay, let’s face it. The nature of some of the waste management jobs makes them quite less attractive, at least to many people. Now, unlike before, my new job was less hazardous to health. It was something more satisfying and decent. An estate management job.

Back to the wealthy British mansion. Besides it, there existed a forest. To be precise. let’s call it a local private forest. It was picturesque, one that triggers your emotions and before you realize, you’ll be romanticizing about it.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, well, that was my new workplace. I would entirely be dealing with woodland wastes from the forest. I can say I had just bid farewell to horrible smells and Items.

I have now worked here for a while. Each day, there’s just a lot more good to expect. The environment, job conditions and consideration for the job are all remarkably great. Apparently, I find it as the most interesting waste management job I have ever had to do in my life.

Legal Help for Live In Workers

In nearly every part of the world, domestic workers, caregivers, cafe/restaurant/bar workers, and many others who work as live in workers tend to be vulnerable to abuse. Due to the nature of their work, which is sort of isolated and dependent upon employers and may be partners for immigration status, financial support, employment support, to name just a few; abuse, mistreatments, and negligence become somewhat inevitable.

If you are a live-in worker, not knowing your rights and protection will sometimes make you feel disempowered, overly submissive and subservient. But that shouldn’t be the case. a live-in worker, not knowing your rights and protection will sometimes make you feel disempowered, overly submissive and subservient. But that shouldn’t be the case.

Thus, as live in workers, it’s essential to familiarise with immigration, employment and labour laws. Most of it pertains to the permanent residence process, employment standards, labour trafficking, medical compensation lawyers as well as immigration.

You’ll find that even most labour laws tend to protect domestic workers, as well as a majority of other live in workers, irrespective of their immigration status. For instance, your right to be paid and eligibility for the workers compensation isn’t in any way affected by your immigration status.

You should note that domestic workers such as housekeepers, nannies, and caregivers are excluded from a majority of the federal and state labour laws. However, they still have legal protection.

You are entitled to know and understand everything concerning your live-in job and the relationship between you and your employer.


Legal Help for Live In Workers


The aforementioned laws clearly detail this out under the following areas:

• Minimum wage and overtime
• Sleep time and On-call Time
• Meal and rest breaks
• Deductions
• Workers compensation
• Discrimination
• Record keeping
• Employment Agency Fees

Each of these areas contains relevant information concerning your rights and protection as a live-in worker. Since understanding some of the clauses and interpreting them can be somewhat challenging, you can even access personal injury lawyers back home in Australia if you have to. This will act as the right step towards finding freedom and boundaries around the ways that your employers can treat you.

Remember that you are allowed to:

• Request your employer / recruiter to strictly obey the law
• File a complaint
• Exercise your rights under any of the aforementioned laws
• Submit information to employment standards officers
• Testify / Participate in proceedings concerning you.

In addition, your employer is not in any way allowed to intimidate, suspend, fire, reduce/withhold your salary, punish you anyhow or threaten you without any valid legal reason.

Well, despite you as a live-in worker being entitled to all that we’ve briefly looked at, some people will still disobey it and subject you to the worst you could ever wish to see. Well, should that happen, you can make a complaint to the necessary authorities, including personal injury lawyers or you can as well try switching jobs.

Clinical Psychologist live in UK jobs

Working and living in the UK can really do your head in. Firstly you will have leave your Psychologist in practice. Then there is the weather that will get you down. Then there are the tiny flats that people live in. They are usually dark and damp. And the laundry is usually in the kitchen. You will spend most of your time at home so where you choose to live will be important. The easiest thing to do would be to get a job in a flash place and get them to include living in as part of the salary. There are plenty of options for this type of arrangement. For those with a hospitality background, you could easily go for a pub job. These are in high supply in the summer when the pub is busy every night. But they are also available in the other months. For those who want their evenings free more often, working at a london hotel could be a better choice. Some of the fancy hotels like Durley House offer the best deal. You can work there for an average salary and have delicious, 5 star, meals provided by the chef and stay in the beautiful suites or in the staff accommodation.

No matter what you do living in the UK it will eventually get to you. When you get home you will definitely need some mental health support! Contact a Clinical Psychologist. It may take several months or years and a lot of money for the rehabilitation. You can use medicare initially to help pay for sessions and then by the time that runs out you will be ready for work. Coffs has some great attractions to explore and you can hang out at the beach. Just be careful of sharks.

Live-in Home Care for the Elderly

Even with their age, the elderly often times prefer to be live alone independently on their own. Living away from the city is usually their preference of choice as they are able to enjoy the quiet and peaceful neighborhood. With that being said, these are crucial times where they need help and assistance in every step of the way the most. Their bodies are not the same from once they were young limiting the number of physical activities that they are able to do. For that matter, a number of individuals often look for Live-in Home Care for the Elderly services as a way to keep their loved ones company at all times.

The people in United Kingdom have a relatively long life expectancy with an average of 82 years. This means there are a considerable number of elderly in the UK who need help and assistance on their regular day to day activities. This makes Live-in Home Care for the Elderly quite a popular career of choice to look forward to. Relatives who now have their own families to attend to may find that their time is limited and they are not able to take full care of their elderly loved ones anymore. This is especially true when they live very far away from each other. It is good to hear that such type of care and service is easily available for today providing the much needed assistance the elderly requires.

If you are planning on pursuing Live-in Home Care as a potential profession in the future, being well versed and knowledgeable in household chores adds to that extra layer of skill and proficiency which clients are looking for. Your tasks might include cooking for them, cleaning the house, taking out their bins, answering the phone for them, helping them with financial matters such as looking into their self managed super fund and of course generally providing companionship and conversation. Indeed, your day to day activities involve keeping the elderly that you are in charge of in company. Talking to them on a regular basis is required especially since your jobs as a Live-In Home Care and not just bound to a housecleaner. Cooking is indeed a prerequisite as you will be the one taking care of their diet preparing their meals 3 or more times a day. You can’t just rely on fast food delivery as well as ordering menu online as this is not a very practical choice to consider.

Live-in Home Care for the Elderly is a very promising career. In addition, the feeling of helping the elderly is somewhat very fulfilling especially when you see them happy under your care. The same feeling is also felt when the thanks and appreciation are given to you by their close relative and loved ones. This can also help you prepare for the future ahead especially when the need to take care of your parents or grandparents arises as you can take care for them on your own.

The Hazards of Adult Entertainment Jobs in the UK

Adult entertainment jobs comprise a wide range of activities relating to the exchange of money for the provision of a sexual service. Indirect sex job refers to services such as stripping, lap dancing, lingerie modeling and virtual sex services which are done over the internet or mobile device. Genital contact is less common in this type of sex job. Direct sex jobs refer to services such as escort service, brothels or street prostitution. This typically involves genital contact in exchange of sex for a fee. The exact number of adult entertainment workers in the UK is unknown since sex work is mostly hidden and the population is transient.

The hazards of adult entertainment jobs in the UK are primarily attributed to the working conditions and the way workers are treated by society. Workers will continue to face multiple hazards as long as their occupation continues to be seen as problem with policies rather than welfare issue. Decriminalization would pave the way for licensing and better sexual health management.

Different types of adult entertainment jobs are associated with different levels of health hazards. Indirect sex jobs such as stripping and non-contact sex jobs are associated with lower health problems. Direct sex job workers like escorts,  indoor and outdoor sex services are at higher risk from sexually transmitted infection. The prevalence of STI is primarily attributed to unsafe sex.

Physical, sexual and verbal violence are common hazard for many adult entertainment workers. Violence is a prominent feature in their lives; physical violence is the greatest threat facing sex workers. Most workers experienced some form of violence, whether physical, sexual or emotional. Most street workers are more likely to report violence such as beatings, stabbing, robbery and rape. The effects of physical violence often lead to poor physical health and poor mental health due to trauma. In most extreme cases, violence against sex workers leads to death.

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause serious health hazard to sex workers. Some adult entertainment workers enter the trade to fund drug addictions and even continue drug use whilst pregnant. Alcohol use among sex workers is used for self-medication or coping mechanism to mask the negative feelings associated with their jobs. The most prominent health concern for drug addict sex workers are communicable diseases such as HIV and other blood borne viruses. Common health complaints by addicts include abscesses resulting from injections and intravenous drug, poor dental care and premature death through overdose.

Adult entertainment workers are identified with potential patterns of mental health issues. High levels of violence cause anxiety, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychosis and schizophrenia are also identified. A study shows that the effect of single year of sex work is likely to have the same impact on mental health as an entire life of experiences before involvement in sex job.

Sex trafficking is another hazard for adult entertainment workers. Sex trafficking is the most severe form of sex work. It is a violation of human rights and the worst form of slavery. UK is one of many destinations for trafficked people. Migrants often fall victim to this kind of exploitation due to lack of social networks and lack of knowledge about their rights and protection in the UK. The victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women which are most vulnerable. Threats of violence against victims and their families are commonly used to control them.

Many sex workers have experienced increasing levels of violence and complained of harassment by the police. The relationship between the police and sex workers are often problematic due to lack of trust and understanding on both sides. The behavior of the police and the criminal justice system discourage sex workers from reporting violence and other crimes. Adult entertainment workers feel they cannot safely report crimes associated to sex job as they fear being treated like criminals and not as a victim.

Live-in Jobs in Ireland

Live-in positions are known to have added benefits you can really enjoy. In Ireland, plenty of them exist. It could be a live-in nanny/child-minder, house help, au pair, gardener, chef/cooks, home help for the elderly, companion housekeepers, to name just a few.

There are plenty of live-in pub and hotel jobs in Ireland. Dublin, Kerry and Cork, as well as other tourist populated places, offer a lot of live-in jobs in pubs, restaurant and hotels. Hotels such as Whites Hotel Group normally recruit staff throughout Ireland to work from March each year until the summer season is over. For some people, the thought of catching public transport to work every morning isn’t just fun at all. Should that be your case, then the aforementioned jobs might do you justice. Ireland is so full of fantastic bars as well. Some of them include The Claddagh Irish Bar and Irish Times Pub.

A good number of outdoor activity spots throughout Ireland also offer live-job positions for catering and activity instructors as well.

Literally, a nanny job might not sound as a good job to many. But what many fail to realise is that times have changed and currently, the benefits of being a nanny are just overwhelming. Today, most have of them have fantastic opportunities to travel the world, enjoy separate accommodation/apartments, amongst other exciting benefits. Agencies such as Hynes Agency and Executive Nanny, who double up as specialists in family and child care have taken up the task of seeking after potential nannies, training them and supplying them to the clients. You can read more about them here www.hynesagency.ie and here www.executivenannies.com

However, note that au pairs will be required to have some experience, although speaking fluent English is not a must.

Other specific institutions, organizations and businesses also offer live-in positions. Most of these can be found at www.gumtree.ie, www.nijobs.com or www.careerjet.ie, where agencies and the aforementioned parties alike, post information about vacancies. It could either be part time or full time.

Many thanks to Irish ex-pat Marcus Dervin for these tips on jobs in Ireland – Marcus runs a Sharepoint consultancy in Sydney: www.sharepoints.com.au

Perhaps you intend to come to work here, you’ll need to be aware of the formalities involved in travelling to the place. It would be really helpful getting to know about who is entitled to come here and other general information about living in Ireland. Get more information on that here http://www.citizensinformation.ie or alternatively, you can check with their Embassy just before you travel.

As part of the recruitment process, job seekers and employers alike are recommended to sign a legal employment contract of service between themselves.

Now, apart from living on-site, live-in jobs comprise plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Top locations
  • Fewer outgoings
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Being part of the larger family

Live-In Nanny Jobs for Post-Menopausal Women

Job hunting for post-menopausal women could be a challenge. After taking care of children who left the nest, you find you have enough time to earn an income for yourself. If you’re thinking about working full time after menopause the more popular ways for middle aged to earn income is going into child care. And what better job is suited for the natural caregiver than live-in nanny services.

Many families choose a live-in nanny to provide care for their children and become a part of the family. A live-in nanny usually works 8-12 hours a day with a one day off during the week. The average wage range for a live-in nanny in the UK is £400-550 per week. While the average wage range for live-in nanny in Australia is $280-450 per week, but the wage depends on many factors like experience, qualification, number of children, responsibilities and other tasks.

Are you thinking about finding a live-in nanny job? It’s a great opportunity for post-menopausal women to work closely with a family. If you find the right family who cares for you and respects you, you will form a mutually caring relationship and gain another family. You become a part of that family offering security and care.


Post-Menopausal Women

A live-in nanny usually makes less than live-out nanny but they have greater dispensable income. Their food is covered because they receive meals as part of the compensation package. Employers provide accommodation, no rent or utilities to worry. Imagine the savings on living expense. Working as a live-in nanny saves a significant amount of money that can go straight to your bank account.

Having no commute is convenient. You can roll out of bed and head to work without getting stuck in traffic. This eliminates an enormous amount of stress. Some employers even let you use their car during working hours and during off hours too. This let you save on expense of buying a car and insurance.

Some employers pay nanny’s registration and travel expenses to attend professional development conferences. They may even pay professional organization fees for you to take classes. You can use this additional training to advance in career. This can help you to be a house manager in a multi-staffed house in the future.

Family vacation is an opportunity to travel. According to International Nanny Association, 40% of nannies travel with their employer’s family. After menopause, women feel a surge of energy and adventure, traveling with your charge’s family is the fun way to utilize it. This free travel opportunity can possibly open local or international jobs for you in the future. Live-in nannies usually receive one to two weeks of paid vacation. Other benefits are paid holidays, normally eight to 11 days each year and paid sick days typically three to five sick days per year.

Aside from room and board, free food and utilities, working as a nanny entitles you to extra perks like gym membership and access to family’s health club or country club. You also get a cellphone and your employer pays your cellphone bill. Health insurance premium contributions may be paid partially or in full by your employer.

Special relationship can be built with the families that employ you. Deep and lasting bond will develop since you will be sharing the family home and spending time with them. You gain valuable experience and become a better caregiver. But the biggest benefit of menopausal women working as a live-in nanny is getting to see your charges grow into responsible young adults.